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My Life Lately by OHMJAM (Women’s Fashion Designer)

Lately my life feels like a giant jigsaw puzzle and I’m finding it hard to fit the pieces together.   Have you ever felt that way?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining but if I were the only thing I would be whining about is the fact that there is no time to do all the things I have on the go.  For example, I had my garage drywalled a few weeks ago and bought the paint but I’ve been unable to get out and do it because it’s either been too cold or raining.  I finally got out in the garden and bagged 13 bags of leaves that I didn’t manage to get to before the snow came last year only to discover that my lawn has not only been taken over by some nasty critter but that every weed on the planet has moved in.   HELP I cried – Lawn Maintenance “sorry call in a weed guy”.  Weed guy “sorry too many weeds, you need to seed and pray“.  I’m sticking to succulents from here on in.  I’m not even trying to be a gardener but when the people you try to hire don’t even want to take your money – like ‘SERIOUSLY’.

My newest succulent

Completed two sweaters that now need to be blocked, I have no time to do it so I’ve gone to our local wool shop three times to ask if they could do it only to find classes in session or a CLOSED sign on the door.  WHAT, well we do live in snow country after all.

I need someone to paint the house and after getting a recommendation, he was a no show not once but twice.

Need flooring done, first the reno guy didn’t call back and then the fellow from the flooring store never showed up to measure.

I need to get to Ikea to purchase pieces for my studio but everytime I’ve planned to go the weather hasn’t cooperated.

Is all of that the result of Mercury being retrograde?  I don’t know but it’s been incredibly frustrating for a gal who knows what she wants and wants it when she wants it.

I decided to wait it out and just chill, trouble is I can’t chill, I need to be doing something, making something, creating something. So I decided to work on some DIY projects – I made a couple of garden globes which turned out lovely but now I have no garden to put them in and it’s still too cold.

On a brighter note I have a new big screen TV and have finally been able to get caught up with Game of Thrones. I’m tickled pink that the girls have taken over in Season 6.  Now I can’t wait for Season 7.  I was invited to attend the Collingwood Cinema Club’s movie presentations this past weekend and got to see a couple of tear jerkers – Manchester by the Sea and Horse Window, Moonlight was playing the next day but I was too exhausted from the prior day.  I had guests for dinner and we headed to an after party with Liberty Silver and some of her friends, she was in town performing.

Hanging with the gals and Liberty Silver at the after party.

Sunday I decided to spend the day resting and watching TV, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was on as was the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale.  The RHOA reunion was brutal, the women slung insult after insult at each other.  It was hurting my head so I pulled out a canvas and paint, I needed a diversion.  Then the Handmaid’s Tale, if you think Game of Thrones as being barbaric and cruel, well at least the killing is swift.  The Handmaid’s Tale takes place in a totalitarian theocracy with the theme being the subjugation of women.  It was torturous for me to watch so I continued painting feverishly.  The result was a picture of my brain exploding.  You can clearly see that I started out softly but it quickly ended in chaos.  Proof that you are a product of your environment.

Painting while watching evil on TV.

Yesterday I finally got around to taking the car in for service and while I was in the City I decided to shop around.  I ended up signing up for a jewelry making class.  Do I really need yet another hobby?  I have no time for the ones I have now but, but ……….the pieces were shiny and sparkling, unlike the current state of my chaotic and hectic life.

Last night I had an exchange with one of my cousins who just happens to be an Angel Card Reader.  She picked these cards for me.  Learn new things and teach was the first card.

My Angel reading

The second card suggested I needed Focused Intention. Hhmm, I reflected on that for a while and questioned whether I could ever stay focused.  Is it because I’m passionate and I want to do everything; experience life while I still can?  After all I’ve spent most of my life taking care of other people and now I finally have time for me.  Or am I looking for distractions to keep my mind off the fact that the people I love most in the world are 9,000 miles away and I don’t want to think about all that I’m missing?

More from my angel reading

I may never know the answer but in the meantime, I’m busy living life moment by moment, day by day and it’s racing by far too quickly.  Today I’m feeling girly, so I’m off to clear out and paint my walk in closet.  I even found a small chandelier for it – now that’s GIRLY  and so unlike me.  Stay tuned for the next installment, oh maybe I should finish that book I’ve been working on for the past 20 years.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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2017 Trends, Love or Hate em – OHMJAM.com

My signature colours bouquet

2017 Fashion trends – hmmm, while I’ve been lazy and indulgent for the past couple of months and couldn’t be happier, I have kept my eye on what’s happening in the fashion world.  AND it’s  not entirely true that I’ve been lazy although I have used the excuse that my studio is under renovation and I simply can’t get motivated until it’s completed.  The problem is I haven’t done a lot about finishing it.  Instead I’ve been renovating myself and indulging in things I love, knitting for one.

First off I decided it was time for a change of hairstyle so I got a pixie cut and went lighter than I normally do.  My poor hairdresser stood at the ready saying “are you sure?” with a worried look on his face.  Thankfully he said “no” when I showed him a pic of the haircut with a platinum blonde model.  I was not meant to be that blonde.

Secondly I’ve gone vegetarian again.  I started a few years ago and felt so healthy, I can’t remember why I stopped but I somehow recall that it had to do with stress from a job that exhausted me.  My only problem with being vegetarian is that you have to find things to make and make them tasty enough to keep you on track.  It’s not that I hate cooking, it’s just that cooking takes time.  Time is one thing I hate to waste on anything that I’m not passionate about – I like cooking and I’m an adequate cook but I’m definitely not passionate about it.

Thirdly, I’ve gone back to meditating daily, the joy in my day.  I have been meditating for years but every once in awhile I fall off and get too busy.  Truth is we’re never too busy to take time to recharge – another excuse I make.

All that I have been doing of late seems to be associated with reconnecting with parts of my past and isn’t it interesting that fashion trends also seem to be taking a walk down memory lane.   There’s almost a Dr. Zhivago look for 2017 winter with vintage fur, high collars, the Russian look and velvet making a comeback on the runway.  Coincidentally, I watched Dr. Zhivago just last night, who could resist the romantic look that this inspires.  After all aren’t the men of today all sporting sporting either a mustache or beard?  This is a look I can certainly live with and on the OHMJAM scorecard it scores a 7 from me (provided the fur is fake).  LOVE

Russian Hats from Dr. Zhivago

Other comebacks include 70’s plaid – I put a lot of plaid into my 2015 collection.  Plaid is something that will always make a comeback.  I give plaid a 7.

Colours for the fall are Red and Chocolate Brown.  YES, these are two colours I can live with no problem.  Red brightens up and aligns with the fall colours and brown accentuated with the golds, and oranges in the fall  is so rich, I love the look.  These colours score a 9 with me.


Glittery boots are in – not or me thanks.  HATE although I was not a fan of UGGS when I first saw them in Australia, before they made a big splash here in Canada.  UGGS have sort of grown on me since then so maybe if I see enough glittery boots done well, I’ll have a change of heart about them.  Score 0.

Couch Florals for the Spring/Summer – I love big splashy florals but do I want to wear this?  NO.  Score 0.

Couch Florals REALLY!!!!!

Big Belts are in again and oh how I wish I could still wear the ones I wore back in my 20 inch waist days.  Bring em on.  Score 9.

Big belts

Dare I say it – shoulder pads are also coming back and I couldn’t be happier.  I have tried everything imaginable over the years, including weightlifting but nothing has worked to make my shoulders larger or broader.  Here’s the thing girls – clothes just hang better on a woman when she has shoulders.  I score them a big 10 and hope they stay forever.  Not too big though.  However, the Deconstructed look is back in style and I’m not too crazy about that.

Lastly the Leisure look is in.  Living in the country you rarely see anybody in anything other than jeans or a track suit.  Admittedly, that took a bit of getting used to but a couple of winters in snowbelt country made me a convert.  So the leisure look is one I’ll be happy to see.  There are deisgners that can make a track suit that’s wearable almost anywhere.  Just one note to those designers – not all girls have skinny legs.  The leisure look scores an 8 from me.

Lower hemlines are also in and I predit a lot of longer, flowing, romantic dresses for the summer.

That’s my take on the fashion trends for 2017.  What are your favourites?

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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My Picks for the Best Dressed at the Oscars 2017 by OHMJAM.com

Who doesn’t love the Oscars?  Viola Davis summed it up best in her acceptance speech when she said  “We are the only profession that gets to celebrate what it means to live a life.” and we get to see them doing just that in their performances.  We also get to see actors dressed in the creations of today’s fashion designers, what’s not to love?

This year while there were some mishaps in the production, the designers didn’t disappoint.  Here are my picks of the Best dressed (not necessarily in order).

Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney



This white one shoulder cape is simple but elegant.  The choker and bag are the perfect accessories to this outfit.


Kirsten Dunst shines in this Christian Dior gown.












I often think that less is more and this Dior gown is proof of that.  Dunst is stunning in this design.

Georgina Chapman wearing Marchesa of course.

I sometimes think Marchesa is a bit too busy for my liking but this is the perfect balance of texture, flair and fit.

Priynka Chopra wearing a geometric Ralph & Russo



Ralph & Russo, one of my favourite designers rarely disappoint and Priya was one of my favourites last year as well.


Scarlett Johannson in Alaia












I don’t know this designer but when Johannson walked on the stage the dress was flowing like liquid and was just revealing enough.

Jessica Biel in Kaufmanfranco

Jessica Biel would look good in a sack but she really stuns in this beautiful gold creation which hugs her perfectly.

Halle Berry in Versace

Last but certainly not least.  I have never seen Halle wear anything that wasn’t perfect for her.  This modern Grecian style by Versace is absolutely stunning.

These couture pieces have inspired me to get busy.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!



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Spring, Designers & the Latest by OHMJAM (Women’s online Fashion Boutique)

Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay

Spring, a prelude to summer and my favourite time of the year.  Many designers get inspired by the elements – not me, I can hardly think let alone design.  All I want to do is get outside and feel the warmth of the sun, tend to my garden,

Dahlia from my garden
Dahlia from my garden

watch the birds and listen to them singing.  I’m blessed to live in Canada where we have changing seasons, however, I’ve been missing family and friends in Australia lately.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could magically transport people?

This week was one of those weeks I would have loved to be in Sydney for the Sydney Film Festival where Damian Walsh-Howling was screening his latest work Messiah.

Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour
Damian Walsh-Howling
Damian Walsh-Howling

I so wish I could have attended with my family both to see the film and share in the excitement. Instead I cruised Georgian Bay. Not that I’m complaining – well maybe just a little.  I managed to watch the trailer of Messiah on YouTube and I have to say the cinematography is amazing.  Can’t wait to see the film in its entirety.  It looks spectacular.

In the meantime, I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of the Australian fashion designers.  A couple of them are now categorized under ‘my faves’.  One in particular is Nicola Finetti who was born in Italy and studied architecture in Rome before settling in Australia.  He brings a hint of his studies to his fashion as his pieces all have structure whether it be an assymetrical skirt or a cut out where you least expect it.  I’ve never studied architecture but I too like to bring structure into my designs.  He also brings florals into his pieces and seems to enjoy combining fabrics and textures.   It’s not uncommon for designers to like the same elements and that got me to thinking the other day, how does one become more popular when designs are similar?  I often get people coming to me asking me to make a piece for them like they’ve seen in a magazine.  I get it, I’ve done the same thing – seen a piece somewhere and made it for myself but I always add my own spin to it.  To be honest with you I cringe every time someone asks me to do that because it stifles my creativity.

I can look at someone and know whether what they are asking for is right for them – so the dilemma then becomes – doing what they want or asking them to put their faith in you and let you design something uniquely theirs.

Nicola Finetti
Nicola Finetti
Elie Saab and OHMJAM
Elie Saab and OHMJAM

When it comes to similarities – Taylor Swift wore this gorgeous piece by Elie Saab, I did the piece on the right for my spring/summer 2016 collection and it got rave reviews too.

Here’s another couple of pieces by Finetti that I love.

Nicola Finetti Designs
Nicola Finetti Designs

It’s time to get busy and start working on my autumn/winter 2016 collection. But I’m going to take a break and enjoy the summer – I’ll be working but on pieces for myself, I looked in my closet the other day and said I’ve been living in the country for nearly 3 years now and it’s all too easy to go for comfort rather than style.

I’m off to make home-made ice cream for tomorrow as I will be spending the day swimming and lounging by the pool with friends.  It’s a rough life but someone’s got to do it.

I’m excited about next week too,  I’m getting a lesson on how to use my new camera properly so I can change up my website www.ohmjam.com with my pieces as I design them.

Lastly I’ll be finishing off the month of June by going to a concert – to see Frank D’Angelo and his 15 piece band – can’t wait.  Hopefully I’ll have pics for you in July.

Frank D'Angelo hits Collingwood
Frank D’Angelo hits Collingwood

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of June and as always Keep Creating!

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All the latest from OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for WOMEN)

It’s the middle of February already, can you believe it?  Well I certainly can because time is flying by and I can barely keep up.  It’s an exciting time for me as I’m preparing to launch my spring/summer 2016 collection.   Since last March when I had participated in the International Women’s Day Fashion Show, I have transitioned to Women’s fashion and I’ve been doing custom pieces.  This year I’m letting everybody know that my label OHMJAM  (Olivia, Hayden, Maeve, Jack, Ali and Mia) has arrived in Simcoe County and I’m adding a little panache to the mix by hosting a Fashion Fundraiser for the Wasaga Society for the Arts (WSA) of which I am the Treasurer.


Since moving to this ‘little piece of heaven’ as I refer to Wasaga Beach, we have seen changes.  Change is not always a good thing but in this case, the changes are positive and necessary.  In the past year I have gotten involved in the community, I almost felt an obligation to do so because of my family ties (an aunt and uncle who were one of the founding families in Collingwood).  In doing so, I have met so many amazingly talented people.  We also have our share of very opinionated people.  A year ago I probably wouldn’t have understood some of the opinions that are often expressed but I do now.  Life here is very different than life in the big city, it takes some getting used to but once you do, it’s hard to go back.  The lake, the view of the escarpment from the beach, the beach, the birds, the natural habitat, the beautiful homes, the warmth of the residents, it’s all enticing, intoxicating and addictive.  Our goal – we want to share it all with the world.  One way of doing that is the Wasaga Film Festival, now in its 5th year.  Changes have been made there too, they’ve re-branded, changed the date of the red carpet gala to April 30th and have incorporated the WSA, the umbrella under which the film festival will now operate.  This year is exciting as we have new  members, new partners and new plans, I’ll save that for a post after the Fundraiser.

After announcing the fundraiser, people have jumped in to help make this a spectacular event and I’ve met some truly fabulous and supportive people.   The models for this event include Joanne Blohm-Smith, Michelle Seip, Dr. Krista Markew, Deborah Bullock and Celeste Berges – all beautiful women who are representative of the ‘women on the move in Simcoe County’ which is the theme of my event.  I didn’t know these women when I approached them to model for the event but none of them hesitated to get involved and that my friends is how a community comes together to make things happen.

In addition to the models, Taura Smith has offered to do the hair and make up;  Rocco Galletta from Imagine Jewellery agreed to accessorize the women; April and Philip Worrall offered to entertain us with a latin dance (and more).

April & Philip Worrall
April & Philip Worrall

As if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, Moores’ Clothing for Men in Barrie have partnered with us to offer a special discount for the men who want to dress up for the event.

Moores' Clothing for Men
Moores’ Clothing for Men
The Groove Project
The Groove Project


There’s still a month left to the event and as if all of this isn’t enough, we have Wayne Buttery and the Groove Project performing along with a couple other special guests.

This truly is going to be an event you won’t want to miss.  Come out enjoy the show, meet the WSA Board members and hear what they want to accomplish, enjoy the show and spend the rest of the night dancing.  You can get your tickets at the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce. Hoping to see you there, in the meantime


Keep Creating!








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Happy New Year by OHMJAM (online Fashion Boutique)

IMG_3667 [70962]
Wasaga Beach

I hope everyone is well over the holidays and ready for another year.

First I want to address the recent passing of some of our most cherished musicians and actors – Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Rene Angelil, Craig Strickland, David Margulies, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, Pat Harrington, Dale Griffin, Clarence Reid and Mic Gillette. I want to send my deepest sympathies to their families, friends and fans. All I can add is that while they were taken from us too soon, I hope they’re all up in heaven having one hell of a party.

Now onto some better news I hope. I haven’t had a chance to write a blog with the holidays and all the things I’m involved in, life has been hectic.

I moved to Simcoe County just over two years ago and in a very short time I’ve managed to do things I’ve never had time to do like learn to bake croissants and other delectable treats, join a book club, join a social club and get involved in the community and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun. I’ve met some amazing people and had the privilege of becoming friends with some.

As I’ve written before I am on the Wasaga Film Festival Committee. In October we incorporated the Wasaga Society for the Arts (WSA), the umbrella under which the WFF will now operate. The WFF re=branded and we changed the date of the Red Carpet Gala, the culmination of the festival to April 30th. We did that in the hopes of having people from other communities come and enjoy not only the festival but the beauty of the surroundings in which we live. The WSA has other plans, big plans in fact but I won’t go into those here. HOWEVER, in order to fulfill our objectives it’s going to take teamwork, commitment and money. To that end I decided to launch my Spring/Summer Collection with a fashion show to not only showcase my designs but to let people know that we are here, we need your help and to kick off by having a great party.

I have managed to get some fabulous ‘women on the move in our community’ as my models. Several people have offered to help, to donate their time and resources to making this an event to remember and I can’t wait. Well yes I can wait because while I’ve drafted my designs, I still have to make them, it’s okay who needs sleep when you know there’s a party at the end? I’m so looking forward to meeting more people at the Fundraiser/Gala. I’ll provide more details as we get closer to the date and of course I’ll post pics.

Other than that I’ve managed to read a couple of books (one fabulous one, and one that I’ll leave at interesting).

As if all that isn’t enough, I’m speaking at the Wasaga Beach Library on February 23rd, on the benefits of Homeopathy and treating acutes. Looking forward to that as well.

The OHMJAM kids are growing up quickly and becoming even more beautiful, if that’s possible.

So there you have it, life is good but busy. We’re here and as soon as I have time to breath I will get women’s clothing up on the website. If you live in Simcoe County go to our Facebook page OHMJAM for details about the Fundraiser/Gala in support of the Wasaga Society for the Arts. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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Going home, Women and Friendships by OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for Women)

I just returned from a few days in Toronto, during which time I got to hang with some of my girlfriends; attend a wonderful wedding and survive traffic.  The trip couldn’t have come at a better time because just days prior I had been excluded from an event with a group that I’ve been involved with and have given much of my time and energy to.  I wasn’t excluded by the group but by the woman who arranged the event. Her reason for excluding me was hers although after observing her for months, I can only speculate and it’s interesting to note that with the exclusion of me, she was the only woman in attendance with a group of men.  Being excluded was hurtful but made even worse when I discovered that she had lied and told one of the men that she had invited me but I had refused.

I’m one of those women that loves to support other women.  For years my career in Management put me in a position where I had the opportunity to mentor young women.  I have always had beautiful girlfriends and I’ve never understood the concept of being jealous or threatened by another women.  As the Grandmother of 4 girls, I want them to grow up as confident, strong women and pray they will never feel the need to exclude another woman to benefit themselves.  They have all chosen to participate and excel in sports, there’s no lack of confidence or beauty there so I doubt I ever have to worry about them.

Normally I would never share such a personal experience but in this day and age, I’m truly shocked that any woman would want to behave in such a manner.  It’s actually unbelievable to me because you see I am blessed to have amazing girlfriends.   For example here’s a photo of my gorgeous friend Jen with her beautiful bridesmaids.  You know a woman is confident when she chooses 4 equally beautiful women and puts them in stunning dresses.

Beautiful Bridal Party
Beautiful Bridal Party


We’ve been friends for about 13 years having met while studying to become Homeopaths and during that time she has been a light in my life many times.  She is one of the most positive, caring people on the face of the planet.  It’s not that she has had an easy life, she hasn’t but she’s never complained, she’s a strong woman and she’s always been there for me.  I sat and listened to everyone at her wedding say the same thing – she’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  By the way her beautiful, unique dress was made by Joy Pottinger, a talented designer.

While I was in the City I stayed with another friend, Eden Baylee who is an accomplished writer.  I met her 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and she became my angel by telling me

Eden Baylee
Eden Baylee

that I would be fine.  She had gone thru cancer a year before and quickly became my supporter, mentor and friend.  At only 5’1″, she’s a power house, a beautiful, strong woman and a brilliant writer.  I urge you to check out her website edenbaylee.com and read one or all of her books.  She is a huge supporter of other authors and has raised money for people she hardly knew to help them with their son’s cancer treatment.

We spent 3 nights talking into the wee hours and I never tire of chatting with her.


I managed to dine with another friend – Miss Hair, talented singer, artist and another beautiful human being.

Miss Hair
Miss Hair

I’ve known Harriet since she was 7 years old – she was in school with my oldest son.  It hurts my heart to say I wasn’t very nice to her when she was a youngster but I was a single mom, struggling and I didn’t have the time , I didn’t know how to be soft or kind but that was then and this is now.   She was forgiving enough to forget the past and allow me into her life.  Now I think of her as the daughter I never had and I adore her.

These are only 3 of the amazing women I know but these are the women who picked me up last week and reminded me that there are still beautiful, supportive women out there. The women I know and am proud to call my friends are all accomplished – doctors, lawyers, accountants, moms and housewives.  I celebrate my friends and their friendship, I couldn’t imagine ever excluding them in any way.

Women become stronger when they have other women to lean on and learn from.  I hope that none of you fall victim to a woman who is so insecure that she’s threatened by a woman who doesn’t need validation.

In the meantime, keep creating!


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What we’re up to by OHMJAM (Online Boutique for Women)

Wow has it really been that long since I last did a blog?  How time flies, when you’re busy and I have been that.  

Anyway I’m back to business and wanted to tell you a little bit about what we’ve been up to here at OHMJAM.com.  

New Logo 2015
New Logo 2015

Back in April I signed on to become a member of the Wasaga Beach Film Festival.  Since that time we have re-branded and we have a new website www.wasagafilmfest.com.

We could sit and talk about the pros and cons of the expansion of technology and social media forever but let’s cut right to the chase shall we?  Love it or hate it, technology has provided us with a platform for storytelling while allowing us to capture a broader audience.  Story telling is inherent in all of us, from the age of 4 or 5 when the wheels of our imaginations started to turn and we were free to tell a story, create an image and evoke an emotion from our audience.

Whether it be thru the written word, music, photography, design, a piece of art or on film, we humans love to express ourselves and share our stories – and thankfully so.Our lives are enriched because of it; we learn from it; we are inspired or motivated by it; and our business can flourish thanks to it.  There is no doubt that the power of storytelling impacts us all.

From it’s infancy to our fifth season, the Wasaga Film Fest has hoped to encourage and promote the community to share in our vision of ‘bringing the world to Wasaga Beach through a shared passion for film and the power of storytelling’. 

As a newcomer to the group I am in awe of the WFF Committee’s perseverance and dedication to their pursuit of discovering and developing storytellers, artists and audiences alike and I’m proud to be part of it.

Change has come to Wasaga Beach, there’s a renewed energy and enthusiasm in and about this beautiful town and we at the WFF also have plans for new programs, as well a new venue.  This year we re-branded and have a new logo and much more is in the works.  We invite you to join us to reach our goals:

  • Of building a unique film festival platform that fosters creativity and innovation as a channel for people to tell their story.
  • To promote Wasaga Beach as a destination for arts and cultural activity in the Southern Georgian Bay area.
  • To engage Wasaga Beach businesses in developing their business as they help build the WBFF.
  • To create film festival events that will bolster tourism year round.
  • To help share stories throughout Southern Georgian Bay.
  • To help grow an independent film community and foster collaboration for the film industry in Southern Georgian Bay.
  • To develop programs for Youth; to challenge and courage their creativity.

Come share your story and grow with us!

Hope to see everyone at the Gala in January and hopefully some will be wearing an OHMJAM design.







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Sometimes you find a gem by OHMJAM (Online Fashion boutique for Women)

Okay so what have wood planks got to do with finding a gem you’re probably asking.  My blog this week takes a bit of a twist and I found two thanks to a squirrel.

I wrote about the critters that were driving me crazy over the long weekend.  Well after three nights of not being able to sleep, not because of the noise but out of fear of what damage they had inflicted on my house I had to do something. I looked in the phone book and found – are you ready for this ‘The Critter Cop’ and just in case you think I’m joking here he is.  Doug came out to see what was pestering me and as we stood outside talking a squirrel ran across the lawn (about 20 feet away) and he said “there’s a pregnant squirrel”.  I admit I thought he was saying that just to impress me because how would anybody know that thought I.  So I asked him how he knew.


Doug Bridle - the Critter Cop of Collingwood
Doug Bridle – the Critter Cop of Collingwood

“Didn’t you see her teats” he asked and at that point I didn’t know what to think because after all, it wasn’t close enough to see anything.  Long story short, he set up a trap (which isn’t really a trap at all) and voila the next day the noise seemed to be gone.  However, it wasn’t over yet and then the torture really began. Doug was absolutely right, mama squirrel was no longer pregnant but she was definitely feeding and when she was close enough it was very evident.  Mama squirrel had gotten out but she sat on my patio for the next two days crying and would not leave.  At one point I was beside myself and actually started talking to her, she put her little paws together as if she were begging me and I thought my heart was about to break.  I don’t know whether she had her babies in my rafters or not but I spent two days crying at the thought that her babies might still be inside and she couldn’t get to them.  I don’t know how she did it but she got the babies out and then they sat on my patio for days. The power of a Mother. Needless to say I was very grateful indeed.

That wasn’t the only problem I’d had over the weekend – I had carpeting on my stairs that had come loose and after nearly falling down the stairs I decided to rip the carpet out and thought that I would redo the stairs myself.  I had called every place within a 50 mile radius and nobody had hickory which is what I wanted but Doug told me where I could find it – Colling-wood Flooring Specialist.

The next day I ventured out in search of Colling-wood Flooring and being fairly new to the country I had trouble finding it initially, it’s off Concession 5 but when I did find it I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  I drove past it and realized I had so I made a turn onto a property where people gave me directions and told me I would be in good hands because they do a good job.  I arrived to the sight of this.  Anybody who knows me knows that I love horses, my dream as a child was to one day own horses.  Apart from that there are two things that excite me – fabric and wood, I’m a little crazy what can I say but it’s the designer in me that gets ignited.

Friends at Colling-wood Flooring Specialists
Friends at Colling-wood Flooring Specialists

Merv Gardner opened this place 25 years ago and now his daughter Lisa runs it with  help from Craig and Merv.  Not only did they have the hickory I was looking for but they had every type of wood imaginable and they do just about everything with it.  Had I known about them last year when I cut down the red oak in my backyard I would have had them make it into a raw edge table for me.  Not only do they know about wood but they are the nicest people I’ve met since I’ve been here and I’ve met some pretty nice people.

Lisa and Craig
Lisa and Craig

They bent over backwards to accommodate me, showing me samples of different types of wood and even sent me home with samples so I could compare.  We spent hours talking and by the time I was ready to leave, I didn’t want to.  Have you ever met people that just made you feel wonderful just by being in their company?  That’s what they are like, down to earth and customer driven.

Some of Lisa's work
Some of Lisa’s work

These are some pieces that Lisa has done and she’ll be showcasing them soon in Barrie.

I’ve been told I shouldn’t have hardwood flooring in the beach because of the sand but I’m going to talk to  Colling-wood Flooring before I redo my floors which I need to do.  They specialize in wide plank, hardwood flooring as well as trim and moulding and I would trust their opinion as to what would be best for me.

As I was leaving their adorable puppy Beau was playing “chicken” with a real live chicken but unfortunately my battery had died.  Yep Lisa also sells farm fresh eggs.

That’s the kind of atmosphere it is – ah life in the country, it doesn’t get any better than this.  #lovemylife. #grateful

I love to recommend people that are deserving of it so if you have bats in your belfry – call the Critter Cop.  If you need wood flooring or anything else that requires wood – make the trip to Colling-wood Flooring Specialist.  Ask for Merv or Lisa – check out their website www.colling-woodflooring.com.  Telephone 705-445-1147.  You won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime Keep Creating!

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May 24 in Wasaga Beach by OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for Women)

May Long Weekend at Wasaga Beach
May Long Weekend at Wasaga Beach

I survived the weekend, the traffic and the fireworks (three nights of fireworks).


How did you spend the long weekend?  I couldn’t imagine being in the City and having to deal with traffic to have a day of R & R or a full-on party weekend and that’s how it was because on Saturday rain was forecast.

There is work going on at Schoonertown Bridge and traffic was backed up for several blocks on Friday so I decided to go by way of the Beach where traffic was also backed up due to party preparations there.  Nonetheless I made it into town just in time to meet a friend for lunch at the Huron Club.

Saturday I avoided the beach and all the people.  Instead I went into action by taking out carpeting that was on the stairs in my entrance way.  What a dirty, messy and tough job but I couldn’t take one more day of that disgusting carpet.  I also did a little work in my backyard.  I’d been to a friend’s last week and she had a little Shangra-La in her backyard.  It made me so envious, I decided I had to work on mine.

Sunday I accompanied a friend to Barrie Hills Farm in Minesing.  The weather was perfect, the drive was short but oh how beautiful.  I couldn’t bear to live in the city any longer, even our winters aren’t enough to change my mind.  I’ve become a country gal now, driving past plush grass, various colours of green and growth, green rolling hills as far as the eye can see with trees gently swaying in the breeze; seeing horses and other animals grazing sets my heart a flutter.  I wish I’d taken photos to share but trust me the sight was breathtaking.

Barrie Hills Farm
Barrie Hills Farm


I pass by this farm every time I take my car in for an oil change and had no idea that it was a berry picking farm or that I could purchase such beautiful produce there.   I will be back and soon.  Another added benefit of going there, the houses near the property are quite large and so beautiful.

Speaking of houses, I drove along the Shore Line the other day and have to say, we have some pretty magnificent houses here too.

All in all it was a pretty good May 24 weekend although I didn’t get to party and I must admit – I find the sound of fireworks really annoying and three nights of it was starting to get to me but it’s a small price to pay for living in such a beautiful place.

The weather has turned winter like again and I’ve got critters that are driving me crazy so hopefully I can work on some new designs before June arrives and I won’t want to work indoors.  I designed a skirt for a client over the weekend and can’t wait for her to pick it up so I can see the finished product.

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Hope you had a fabulous May 24 weekend wherever you are.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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