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It’s Summer you say by OHMJAM (online fashion boutique for Women)

Feet up - not a chance
Feet up – not a chance

They tell me it’s Summer but what is it they say ‘the best laid plans’? We’re a month into the season and I’ve accomplished very little of what I planned to do – gardening, going to the gym, yoga, hanging out with friends and enjoying life. Why you ask, why indeed. I am now one of the co-chairs for the Wasaga Film Festival and what a lot of work we’ve been doing to make the 6th Annual, the biggest and best yet.  After all next year is Canada’s 150th birthday and we’re hoping that people will come to our Red Carpet Gala on April 29th, 2017.

This year we’ve changed a couple of things, we’ve added a culinary category and we’re excited about a filmmaker challenge that we’re extending to all in South Georgian Bay “A Day in………”.  Check it out on our Facebook page and if you live in the region or know someone who does, help us spread the word.

The most exciting thing that has happened in the past week is that I received the most wonderful news about one of the M’s in OHMJAM. My beautiful and oh so talented granddaughter who I just happened to blog about exactly 4 years ago to the day, has qualified to represent Australia in the 2016 Oceania Championships in Fiji in later this year. I couldn’t be any prouder if I tried.


 Maeve Romanella
Maeve Romanella

 athlete qualified to compete at the Oceania Championships in Fiji later this year.

Okay well I’m off to do what else?  WORK and more WORK.  Although I did take the evening off last night and went to see Augusta Ray and her band sing.

August Ray and her Band with Kathy Wadham from Music Heals the Soul
August Ray and her Band with Kathy Wadham from Music Heals the Soul

WOW she’s 17 and already a power house singer and entertainer.  Her new CD is up on iTunes so check it out.

I should never have stopped for coffee on the way home tho, I was up till the wee hours thinking about all that I have to do this week.   I hope you all have a safe and relaxing Canada Day long weekend and stay tuned for news about the Wasaga Film Festival 2017.

In the meantime Keep Creating!








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Ohmjam_program_frontI promised to share pics and details after the OHMJAM Fashion Fundraiser/Gala in support of the Wasaga Society for the Arts  which took place on March 18th, 2016,so here I am doing just that and what a night it was.   We all know the story of the cobbler’s children who had no shoes – well I worked so feverishly to meet the deadline that I didn’t even have time to make a gown for myself but it didn’t matter so long as my models were gorgeous and they did a fabulous job of showcasing my Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

The theme of the event was Women on the move in Wasaga Beach because while we’re pretty casual and laid back here, make no mistake we are a force to be reckoned with.  I don’t know the stats but I’d be curious to see just how many women operate businesses in Simcoe County.  Not only do they run businesses, we have some of the most talented, beautiful and athletic women I’ve ever seen.  Case in point – my models.  There’s no denying they are all natural beauties.

As Treasurer of the newly incorporated Wasaga Society for the Arts (WSA) that I would launch my spring/summer 2016 collection with a fashion show. I also thought that it would be the perfect occasion to also introduce the members of the WSA to the community and bring awareness to the fact that we’re here and we want to do great things. Great things only happen when a community comes together to make it happen and after Friday night I have no doubt that we have the people to do just that.








I’m sure my readers are tired of me continually going on about where I live BUT we truly are blessed to live in this little bit of heaven where the sunsets are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and the people always greet you with a smile.  A short drive and you can be in Creemore where Creemore Brewery is or to Collingwood which is quickly becoming home to many who are tired of the fast paced, often too hectic lifestyle in the big city.
Since moving here I have become involved in a social committee, the Wasaga Beach Film Fest committee as well as the WSA and I’m also in a book club. I have been in the homes of many of our residents and I’m always in awe of the artwork that hangs on the walls (many of which are done by the resident), the photographers who live here and share with us regularly the beautiful scenes they’ve captured and the fact that almost every home here has a library.  We have a myriad of talented people from all walks of life.  Yes we are a tourist town but we are so much more.

My Fashion Fundraiser turned out to be a wonderful evening thanks to all the people helped me take it from just another event to a night to remember.  Here are a few of our guests and models for your enjoyment.

I accomplished what I set out to do and we managed to raise $2,500.o0 for the WSA.  I want to extend a personal thank you to everybody that participated.

OHMJAM Fashion Fundraiser in Support of the Wasaga Society for the Arts

Now it’s time for me to get back to the gym and get ready for our next big event – the 5th Annual Wasaga Beach Film Festival.   If you’ve never been to our Red Carpet Gala, it’s another event you shouldn’t miss.  I’ve got a month so lots of time to make a gown for this cobbler.

You can see the fashion show on our video.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!




All the latest from OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for WOMEN)

It’s the middle of February already, can you believe it?  Well I certainly can because time is flying by and I can barely keep up.  It’s an exciting time for me as I’m preparing to launch my spring/summer 2016 collection.   Since last March when I had participated in the International Women’s Day Fashion Show, I have transitioned to Women’s fashion and I’ve been doing custom pieces.  This year I’m letting everybody know that my label OHMJAM  (Olivia, Hayden, Maeve, Jack, Ali and Mia) has arrived in Simcoe County and I’m adding a little panache to the mix by hosting a Fashion Fundraiser for the Wasaga Society for the Arts (WSA) of which I am the Treasurer.


Since moving to this ‘little piece of heaven’ as I refer to Wasaga Beach, we have seen changes.  Change is not always a good thing but in this case, the changes are positive and necessary.  In the past year I have gotten involved in the community, I almost felt an obligation to do so because of my family ties (an aunt and uncle who were one of the founding families in Collingwood).  In doing so, I have met so many amazingly talented people.  We also have our share of very opinionated people.  A year ago I probably wouldn’t have understood some of the opinions that are often expressed but I do now.  Life here is very different than life in the big city, it takes some getting used to but once you do, it’s hard to go back.  The lake, the view of the escarpment from the beach, the beach, the birds, the natural habitat, the beautiful homes, the warmth of the residents, it’s all enticing, intoxicating and addictive.  Our goal – we want to share it all with the world.  One way of doing that is the Wasaga Film Festival, now in its 5th year.  Changes have been made there too, they’ve re-branded, changed the date of the red carpet gala to April 30th and have incorporated the WSA, the umbrella under which the film festival will now operate.  This year is exciting as we have new  members, new partners and new plans, I’ll save that for a post after the Fundraiser.

After announcing the fundraiser, people have jumped in to help make this a spectacular event and I’ve met some truly fabulous and supportive people.   The models for this event include Joanne Blohm-Smith, Michelle Seip, Dr. Krista Markew, Deborah Bullock and Celeste Berges – all beautiful women who are representative of the ‘women on the move in Simcoe County’ which is the theme of my event.  I didn’t know these women when I approached them to model for the event but none of them hesitated to get involved and that my friends is how a community comes together to make things happen.

In addition to the models, Taura Smith has offered to do the hair and make up;  Rocco Galletta from Imagine Jewellery agreed to accessorize the women; April and Philip Worrall offered to entertain us with a latin dance (and more).

April & Philip Worrall
April & Philip Worrall

As if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, Moores’ Clothing for Men in Barrie have partnered with us to offer a special discount for the men who want to dress up for the event.

Moores' Clothing for Men
Moores’ Clothing for Men
The Groove Project
The Groove Project


There’s still a month left to the event and as if all of this isn’t enough, we have Wayne Buttery and the Groove Project performing along with a couple other special guests.

This truly is going to be an event you won’t want to miss.  Come out enjoy the show, meet the WSA Board members and hear what they want to accomplish, enjoy the show and spend the rest of the night dancing.  You can get your tickets at the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce. Hoping to see you there, in the meantime


Keep Creating!








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What we’re up to by OHMJAM (Online Boutique for Women)

Wow has it really been that long since I last did a blog?  How time flies, when you’re busy and I have been that.  

Anyway I’m back to business and wanted to tell you a little bit about what we’ve been up to here at OHMJAM.com.  

New Logo 2015
New Logo 2015

Back in April I signed on to become a member of the Wasaga Beach Film Festival.  Since that time we have re-branded and we have a new website www.wasagafilmfest.com.

We could sit and talk about the pros and cons of the expansion of technology and social media forever but let’s cut right to the chase shall we?  Love it or hate it, technology has provided us with a platform for storytelling while allowing us to capture a broader audience.  Story telling is inherent in all of us, from the age of 4 or 5 when the wheels of our imaginations started to turn and we were free to tell a story, create an image and evoke an emotion from our audience.

Whether it be thru the written word, music, photography, design, a piece of art or on film, we humans love to express ourselves and share our stories – and thankfully so.Our lives are enriched because of it; we learn from it; we are inspired or motivated by it; and our business can flourish thanks to it.  There is no doubt that the power of storytelling impacts us all.

From it’s infancy to our fifth season, the Wasaga Film Fest has hoped to encourage and promote the community to share in our vision of ‘bringing the world to Wasaga Beach through a shared passion for film and the power of storytelling’. 

As a newcomer to the group I am in awe of the WFF Committee’s perseverance and dedication to their pursuit of discovering and developing storytellers, artists and audiences alike and I’m proud to be part of it.

Change has come to Wasaga Beach, there’s a renewed energy and enthusiasm in and about this beautiful town and we at the WFF also have plans for new programs, as well a new venue.  This year we re-branded and have a new logo and much more is in the works.  We invite you to join us to reach our goals:

  • Of building a unique film festival platform that fosters creativity and innovation as a channel for people to tell their story.
  • To promote Wasaga Beach as a destination for arts and cultural activity in the Southern Georgian Bay area.
  • To engage Wasaga Beach businesses in developing their business as they help build the WBFF.
  • To create film festival events that will bolster tourism year round.
  • To help share stories throughout Southern Georgian Bay.
  • To help grow an independent film community and foster collaboration for the film industry in Southern Georgian Bay.
  • To develop programs for Youth; to challenge and courage their creativity.

Come share your story and grow with us!

Hope to see everyone at the Gala in January and hopefully some will be wearing an OHMJAM design.







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