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Back in the Studio with Fabric by OHMJAM.com

Daisy pant suit pink fabric
Daisies in Pink

Fabric, fabric everywhere.  I’m back in my studio   which still isn’t finished but there’s too much fabric to wait until it is.

Summer has finally arrived and brought with it a lot of rain, torrential rain at times.  The beach is happening and I’m slowly getting inspired to get back into the thick of things.

Was it the rain,  bad news recently received or missing my family and friends in Australia?  I don’t know but I confess I haven’t felt like doing anything. Overwhelmed is a not a new feeling but one I haven’t felt since leaving the corporate world, yet it has returned.  Add disillusioned to that and you’ve got a myriad of emotions.

I usually keep so busy that I don’t have time for such thoughts or emotions.  However, this time I became reclusive. Shopping can usually get me out of any funk but I’ve had no desire to shop.  A new hairdo can lift my spirits so I got a fabulous haircut which helped for a few days.  I spent time working out at the gym, it helped a little.  Then I finally pulled some fabric and started creating a new wardrobe and suddenly it felt like a cloud had been lifted.

new denim fabric
Glitzy zipper jeans

Getting started was easy, I made a pair of jeans and put a glitzy zip fly in.  Nobody will know it’s there unless…. but I will.  It’s kind of like that feeling you get when you wear your sexiest under garments.

I’m not usually a fan of pink for myself but I do love daisies, so my next project was a pink pant suit.  Pale pink pants and a pink daisy top from the fabric shown at the top of the blog.

As I started to make these outfits, I began to get excited and couldn’t help but pull out more fabric.  Well I admit I went to Pinterest and Instragram to get inspired by things I love and while there isn’t much I don’t love, I do love colours and textures.

Dress or top? Silk fabric
Pink and Gray Silk

Here’s some of the fabric I’ll be using for my new wardrobe.  Now all I have to do is find the time to do it all.

silk fabric
Rich Brown tone, silk


Red Anchors jersey fabric
Crazy for Red & Anchors






pants or top polester blend fabric
Two Shades of Gray (& white)
textured fabric
White and Black Fall Jacket

Hopefully I stay inspired long enough to complete my new wardrobe.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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2017 Trends, Love or Hate em – OHMJAM.com

My signature colours bouquet

2017 Fashion trends – hmmm, while I’ve been lazy and indulgent for the past couple of months and couldn’t be happier, I have kept my eye on what’s happening in the fashion world.  AND it’s  not entirely true that I’ve been lazy although I have used the excuse that my studio is under renovation and I simply can’t get motivated until it’s completed.  The problem is I haven’t done a lot about finishing it.  Instead I’ve been renovating myself and indulging in things I love, knitting for one.

First off I decided it was time for a change of hairstyle so I got a pixie cut and went lighter than I normally do.  My poor hairdresser stood at the ready saying “are you sure?” with a worried look on his face.  Thankfully he said “no” when I showed him a pic of the haircut with a platinum blonde model.  I was not meant to be that blonde.

Secondly I’ve gone vegetarian again.  I started a few years ago and felt so healthy, I can’t remember why I stopped but I somehow recall that it had to do with stress from a job that exhausted me.  My only problem with being vegetarian is that you have to find things to make and make them tasty enough to keep you on track.  It’s not that I hate cooking, it’s just that cooking takes time.  Time is one thing I hate to waste on anything that I’m not passionate about – I like cooking and I’m an adequate cook but I’m definitely not passionate about it.

Thirdly, I’ve gone back to meditating daily, the joy in my day.  I have been meditating for years but every once in awhile I fall off and get too busy.  Truth is we’re never too busy to take time to recharge – another excuse I make.

All that I have been doing of late seems to be associated with reconnecting with parts of my past and isn’t it interesting that fashion trends also seem to be taking a walk down memory lane.   There’s almost a Dr. Zhivago look for 2017 winter with vintage fur, high collars, the Russian look and velvet making a comeback on the runway.  Coincidentally, I watched Dr. Zhivago just last night, who could resist the romantic look that this inspires.  After all aren’t the men of today all sporting sporting either a mustache or beard?  This is a look I can certainly live with and on the OHMJAM scorecard it scores a 7 from me (provided the fur is fake).  LOVE

Russian Hats from Dr. Zhivago

Other comebacks include 70’s plaid – I put a lot of plaid into my 2015 collection.  Plaid is something that will always make a comeback.  I give plaid a 7.

Colours for the fall are Red and Chocolate Brown.  YES, these are two colours I can live with no problem.  Red brightens up and aligns with the fall colours and brown accentuated with the golds, and oranges in the fall  is so rich, I love the look.  These colours score a 9 with me.


Glittery boots are in – not or me thanks.  HATE although I was not a fan of UGGS when I first saw them in Australia, before they made a big splash here in Canada.  UGGS have sort of grown on me since then so maybe if I see enough glittery boots done well, I’ll have a change of heart about them.  Score 0.

Couch Florals for the Spring/Summer – I love big splashy florals but do I want to wear this?  NO.  Score 0.

Couch Florals REALLY!!!!!

Big Belts are in again and oh how I wish I could still wear the ones I wore back in my 20 inch waist days.  Bring em on.  Score 9.

Big belts

Dare I say it – shoulder pads are also coming back and I couldn’t be happier.  I have tried everything imaginable over the years, including weightlifting but nothing has worked to make my shoulders larger or broader.  Here’s the thing girls – clothes just hang better on a woman when she has shoulders.  I score them a big 10 and hope they stay forever.  Not too big though.  However, the Deconstructed look is back in style and I’m not too crazy about that.

Lastly the Leisure look is in.  Living in the country you rarely see anybody in anything other than jeans or a track suit.  Admittedly, that took a bit of getting used to but a couple of winters in snowbelt country made me a convert.  So the leisure look is one I’ll be happy to see.  There are deisgners that can make a track suit that’s wearable almost anywhere.  Just one note to those designers – not all girls have skinny legs.  The leisure look scores an 8 from me.

Lower hemlines are also in and I predit a lot of longer, flowing, romantic dresses for the summer.

That’s my take on the fashion trends for 2017.  What are your favourites?

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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Spring, Designers & the Latest by OHMJAM (Women’s online Fashion Boutique)

Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay

Spring, a prelude to summer and my favourite time of the year.  Many designers get inspired by the elements – not me, I can hardly think let alone design.  All I want to do is get outside and feel the warmth of the sun, tend to my garden,

Dahlia from my garden
Dahlia from my garden

watch the birds and listen to them singing.  I’m blessed to live in Canada where we have changing seasons, however, I’ve been missing family and friends in Australia lately.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could magically transport people?

This week was one of those weeks I would have loved to be in Sydney for the Sydney Film Festival where Damian Walsh-Howling was screening his latest work Messiah.

Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour
Damian Walsh-Howling
Damian Walsh-Howling

I so wish I could have attended with my family both to see the film and share in the excitement. Instead I cruised Georgian Bay. Not that I’m complaining – well maybe just a little.  I managed to watch the trailer of Messiah on YouTube and I have to say the cinematography is amazing.  Can’t wait to see the film in its entirety.  It looks spectacular.

In the meantime, I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of the Australian fashion designers.  A couple of them are now categorized under ‘my faves’.  One in particular is Nicola Finetti who was born in Italy and studied architecture in Rome before settling in Australia.  He brings a hint of his studies to his fashion as his pieces all have structure whether it be an assymetrical skirt or a cut out where you least expect it.  I’ve never studied architecture but I too like to bring structure into my designs.  He also brings florals into his pieces and seems to enjoy combining fabrics and textures.   It’s not uncommon for designers to like the same elements and that got me to thinking the other day, how does one become more popular when designs are similar?  I often get people coming to me asking me to make a piece for them like they’ve seen in a magazine.  I get it, I’ve done the same thing – seen a piece somewhere and made it for myself but I always add my own spin to it.  To be honest with you I cringe every time someone asks me to do that because it stifles my creativity.

I can look at someone and know whether what they are asking for is right for them – so the dilemma then becomes – doing what they want or asking them to put their faith in you and let you design something uniquely theirs.

Nicola Finetti
Nicola Finetti
Elie Saab and OHMJAM
Elie Saab and OHMJAM

When it comes to similarities – Taylor Swift wore this gorgeous piece by Elie Saab, I did the piece on the right for my spring/summer 2016 collection and it got rave reviews too.

Here’s another couple of pieces by Finetti that I love.

Nicola Finetti Designs
Nicola Finetti Designs

It’s time to get busy and start working on my autumn/winter 2016 collection. But I’m going to take a break and enjoy the summer – I’ll be working but on pieces for myself, I looked in my closet the other day and said I’ve been living in the country for nearly 3 years now and it’s all too easy to go for comfort rather than style.

I’m off to make home-made ice cream for tomorrow as I will be spending the day swimming and lounging by the pool with friends.  It’s a rough life but someone’s got to do it.

I’m excited about next week too,  I’m getting a lesson on how to use my new camera properly so I can change up my website www.ohmjam.com with my pieces as I design them.

Lastly I’ll be finishing off the month of June by going to a concert – to see Frank D’Angelo and his 15 piece band – can’t wait.  Hopefully I’ll have pics for you in July.

Frank D'Angelo hits Collingwood
Frank D’Angelo hits Collingwood

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of June and as always Keep Creating!

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Platinum Award Winner – Nancy Dyson, Sunset Grill by OHMJAM

Platinum Award - Video Advertisement Category 2016
Platinum Award – Video Advertisement Category 2016

One of the many things I love about living in a small town community is that you get to know the residents and one of those residents that always puts a smile on your face is Nancy Dyson, Platinum Award Winner in the Video Advertisement Category at the 5th Annual Wasaga Beach Film Festival 2016.

Nancy Dyson
Nancy Dyson

Nancy is the owner of Sunset Grill in Wasaga Beach and apart from providing us with terrific food, she always has a smile on her face and is such a supporter of events in the community.  Her submission into the Film Fest won the Regional Advertisement category of which OHMJAM was the sponsor.  I’m proud to feature Nancy as my guest for this blog.

Nancy congratulations on your platinum win.  I’m delighted that OHMJAM was the sponsor in this category and your win was very well deserved.  The short film truly captured the spirit of Sunset Grill, the staff and the atmosphere.  What inspired you to make the film?

Thank you for sponsoring this award and for taking the time to write this blog.  I was inspired to make a commercial for the film festival a couple of years ago.  A friend from Stonebridge volunteered for the film festival and she said “Nancy you have to do this”.  She said it will be easy to make a commercial on your phone and it will be great advertising for Sunset Grill.

Was this your first submission or have you submitted films in previous years and did you come up with the idea for the ad or did you have help?

 Last year I didn’t have time, this year my staff and I took the challenge and worked on getting small videos of the restaurant throughout the year.

The music in the video was great, who did the music for your video?

One of my servers has a brother who writes music and I asked him if he could write a song about Sunset Grill.  He gave me several songs to listen to that he had previously written  and I picked one.  One evening last fall two of my cooks and I re-wrote the lyrics to one of the songs that Steve Deger wrote.  We loved it right away!!  

It wasn’t until the videos were due to be entered that we put the whole thing together.  One of my cooks is very computer savvy so he edited it and made a commercial to the music.  It was a lot of fun making the video and we were so happy with it when it was done.

I remember seeing the video for the first time and thinking how happy everybody in it was.  Every time I’m in the restaurant your staff seem to know everybody, it’s like one big happy family and your video certainly captured that atmosphere.  How did the staff feel about the win?

That was the first film any of us had made and we were all pleased with the way it turned out.  We weren’t sure if we could win…. especially after seeing some of the films the night of the business video view and vote.  There were some really good films in that category. 

When your film win was announced there was a huge round of applause, people said that your win was the loudest of the night.

I was so surprised and happy the night of the Red Carpet Gala when Sunset Grill won the award for best business video.  It was so nice to see so many residents from Stonebridge there to cheer for us and support our video.  They are a great bunch of people.

Nancy tell us a little bit about you, how long have you lived in Wasaga Beach and have you had Sunset Grill since coming here?

I have lived here for the last 4 years.  Sunset Grill opened 3 years ago and I am so happy that I moved here.  

What would you like people to know about your experience of living, working and playing in Wasaga Beach?

This is an up and coming town that we live in and there are many great reasons why I’m happy here.  I live in a great community where the residents are mostly retired or semi-retired and they are very active in the community.  I came here from Newmarket and I am happy that I can live and play in the same town that I work in.  The people here make it so amazing!

Nancy hosted a breakfast for Bobby Curtola, the Spoons and others the day after the red carpet Gala.

Bobby Curtola, the Spoons, Peter & Judi Wilkins of Wasaga Brewing Co. and Dianna Chycki of Beach Booster Radio at Sunset Grill
Bobby Curtola, the Spoons, Peter & Judi Wilkins of Wasaga Brewing Co. and Dianna Chycki of Beach Booster Radio at Sunset Grill

Nancy’s award sits proudly in the entrance of Sunset Grill and it’s a beauty.  I’m so happy for Nancy and proud that OHMJAM could be part of it.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me Nancy.

The award
The award

Sunset Grill is open 7 days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Our slogan is “Fresh is Tastiest” and we are one of few franchises who cook fresh food on the grill.  Come in and have one of our ‘Famous All Day Breakfasts‘  which is 3 eggs, 5 pieces of bacon, home fries and Texas toast.  We also have fresh salads, hamburgers, fruit salad and more…… something for everyone.

Thank you again Carol for being part of the Wasaga Film Festival.  I’m so impressed by your talent in designing/making gowns and dresses.  See you soon.

Next time you’re here stop in to Sunset Grill located at the Stonebridge Mall, try anything on their great menu (you won’t be disappointed) and say hello to Nancy.    Her winning video can be found on the Wasaga Beach Film Fest YouTube Channel – don’t forget to check it out.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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Grace by Definition – a controlled, polite and pleasant way of behaving – by OHMJAM (Women’s online fashion boutique)

Grace, another definition – a way of moving that is smooth and attractive.  I’m going on a bit of a rant today in the hopes of reminding people that they have choices – you can choose to be gracious or surly.

IMG_3977 I am blessed to have friends who are the most caring, loving individuals you could ever meet.  One of them gave me this book recently.  She is one of those women that people just naturally gravitate to.  She doesn’t have to be the centre of attention yet she often is because she speaks intelligently and acts with grace.

I have another friend who doesn’t have a lot but is always willing to share what she has with her friends.  She has a smile for everyone and rarely an unkind word for or about anybody. I’m always amazed because people will do just about anything for her.  I tease her that it’s because of her brownies that are the best but the truth is, it’s her kindness that shines.

I also have a couple who are always supportive, encouraging and kind.  I’ve known them a short time yet they have taken me under their wing and have found ways to brighten my days and don’t hesitate to share.

So why would I want to rant?  Because I received a message yesterday that made me so sad for the person that sent it.  She wrote to tell me how disappointed in me she was because I didn’t promote her more, talk about her during my radio interview, ask her to be one of the models for my recent Fashion Fundraiser and she went on to blame me because people had left before she performed.  I won’t mention her name, she knows who she is and now I hope she’s got the attention that she was seeking. arrogance

I spent months working on the event, my personal life took a back seat  during that time as I woke each day to reply to emails.  I spent considerable time on Facebook promoting the event.  I spoke at various groups that I am involved in about all that was planned.  I contacted people to see if I could get them to sponsor the event.  I contacted 5 fabulous women I didn’t really know to model for me.  Then I designed and made the clothes that they modeled.  I planned and executed a fundraiser/gala for about 170 people single-handedly because it was important to me that the community attend a function that was worth attending.  I was representing the Wasaga Society for the Arts, a group of people devoted to doing their part to promote arts and culture in our community.  Someone said to me the other day “my only complaint was that the fashion show was too short, the clothes were so beautiful we wanted to see more”.  Indeed I wanted to make more but time didn’t permit and the evening was about bringing awareness not only to OHMJAM’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection but to the Wasaga Society for the Arts.  Not looking for any kudos for what I did, I took the job on and I’m happy that I did because I got to meet even more gracious women and now the community knows who the WSA members are.

Remember it costs nothing to be kind, grateful or gracious and it’s always the best choice.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!



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Spring has Arrived, a New Season – How about a New Wardrobe – by OHMJAM (Women’s online Fashion Boutique


Spring is here and it’s one of my favourite seasons, flowers are in bloom, people are anxious to get out and about, and perhaps best of all – you can put away the winter boots, hats, coats and finally show off that figure you worked so hard all winter to get.  Even if you didn’t work at it, there’s no better incentive to get busy than to shop for a new wardrobe.

I took a much needed break last week to enjoy Easter and get caught up with friends after spending months working like a mad woman to present my 2016 Spring/Summer Collection at OHMJAM’s Fashion Fundraiser/Gala in support of the Wasaga Society for the Arts.  The event was a huge success attended by over 150 people.  Now it’s time for me to get down to business – first order of business is to finish a dress for me to wear to the Wasaga Film Festival Red Carpet Gala on April 30th and I’m leaning towards a dress the colour of the allium (featured here).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anybody can buy fashion but style is what you do with it.  My latest collection is about simplicity and being timeless.  It’s no secret that I adore black and white anything.  Even my last home was all about black and white.  It started one day while walking thru the Bay, I saw these hand painted dishes and had to have them.  They were so different, so unique – the only problem was my dining room was a Tuscan room filled with orange and soft yellows.

Hand Painted dishes
Hand Painted dishes

I did what any (well maybe not) – I bought the dishes and then painted the dining room black and white.  I made white slip covers for the chairs and trimmed them in black.  That one little purchase turned into a bit of an obsession for me.  There’s no denying that black and white exudes sophistication, elegance, it’s also crisp and bold.  It demands your attention and there will always be black and white pieces in my collections.

Alas I’m not all about black and white because I love colour and texture so I incorporated reds, greens and blues into the collection.  This red and white combo was about fun and comfort.

Cute and Casual
Cute and Casual

Comfort was the goal with this outfit. The skirt has soft pleats starting at the hip and can be made in any colour stripe or solid.  The raglan sleeve blouse is a shirt style without any buttons.  Seem to young for you – once we reach a certain age we tend to hide our arms and what better way to do it than with a raglan shirt.   Wear it with a skirt, shorts or your favourite jeans.  It doesn’t have to be done in polka dots or cotton, it can also be done in a jersey print or solid.  It shows just the barest of midriff and cleavage but isn’t revealing so if you don’t want to show off your midriff, wear it over a little camisole or put your bikini on and wear this little number over it.  Remove it at the beach, then put it back on when you go for lunch.

That reminds me have you got your dress for the Red Carpet gala in April? If not book a consultation with me and to celebrate Film Festival month, I’m offering a 15% discount.  Any of the pieces in my collection can be yours in your choice of colour so give us a call at 416-721-4884 or send me an email at info@ohmjam.com and let’s talk about updating your wardrobe.


Sale prices for month of April.
Sale prices for month of April.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!


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Ohmjam_program_frontI promised to share pics and details after the OHMJAM Fashion Fundraiser/Gala in support of the Wasaga Society for the Arts  which took place on March 18th, 2016,so here I am doing just that and what a night it was.   We all know the story of the cobbler’s children who had no shoes – well I worked so feverishly to meet the deadline that I didn’t even have time to make a gown for myself but it didn’t matter so long as my models were gorgeous and they did a fabulous job of showcasing my Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

The theme of the event was Women on the move in Wasaga Beach because while we’re pretty casual and laid back here, make no mistake we are a force to be reckoned with.  I don’t know the stats but I’d be curious to see just how many women operate businesses in Simcoe County.  Not only do they run businesses, we have some of the most talented, beautiful and athletic women I’ve ever seen.  Case in point – my models.  There’s no denying they are all natural beauties.

As Treasurer of the newly incorporated Wasaga Society for the Arts (WSA) that I would launch my spring/summer 2016 collection with a fashion show. I also thought that it would be the perfect occasion to also introduce the members of the WSA to the community and bring awareness to the fact that we’re here and we want to do great things. Great things only happen when a community comes together to make it happen and after Friday night I have no doubt that we have the people to do just that.








I’m sure my readers are tired of me continually going on about where I live BUT we truly are blessed to live in this little bit of heaven where the sunsets are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and the people always greet you with a smile.  A short drive and you can be in Creemore where Creemore Brewery is or to Collingwood which is quickly becoming home to many who are tired of the fast paced, often too hectic lifestyle in the big city.
Since moving here I have become involved in a social committee, the Wasaga Beach Film Fest committee as well as the WSA and I’m also in a book club. I have been in the homes of many of our residents and I’m always in awe of the artwork that hangs on the walls (many of which are done by the resident), the photographers who live here and share with us regularly the beautiful scenes they’ve captured and the fact that almost every home here has a library.  We have a myriad of talented people from all walks of life.  Yes we are a tourist town but we are so much more.

My Fashion Fundraiser turned out to be a wonderful evening thanks to all the people helped me take it from just another event to a night to remember.  Here are a few of our guests and models for your enjoyment.

I accomplished what I set out to do and we managed to raise $2,500.o0 for the WSA.  I want to extend a personal thank you to everybody that participated.

OHMJAM Fashion Fundraiser in Support of the Wasaga Society for the Arts

Now it’s time for me to get back to the gym and get ready for our next big event – the 5th Annual Wasaga Beach Film Festival.   If you’ve never been to our Red Carpet Gala, it’s another event you shouldn’t miss.  I’ve got a month so lots of time to make a gown for this cobbler.

You can see the fashion show on our video.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!




All the latest from OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for WOMEN)

It’s the middle of February already, can you believe it?  Well I certainly can because time is flying by and I can barely keep up.  It’s an exciting time for me as I’m preparing to launch my spring/summer 2016 collection.   Since last March when I had participated in the International Women’s Day Fashion Show, I have transitioned to Women’s fashion and I’ve been doing custom pieces.  This year I’m letting everybody know that my label OHMJAM  (Olivia, Hayden, Maeve, Jack, Ali and Mia) has arrived in Simcoe County and I’m adding a little panache to the mix by hosting a Fashion Fundraiser for the Wasaga Society for the Arts (WSA) of which I am the Treasurer.


Since moving to this ‘little piece of heaven’ as I refer to Wasaga Beach, we have seen changes.  Change is not always a good thing but in this case, the changes are positive and necessary.  In the past year I have gotten involved in the community, I almost felt an obligation to do so because of my family ties (an aunt and uncle who were one of the founding families in Collingwood).  In doing so, I have met so many amazingly talented people.  We also have our share of very opinionated people.  A year ago I probably wouldn’t have understood some of the opinions that are often expressed but I do now.  Life here is very different than life in the big city, it takes some getting used to but once you do, it’s hard to go back.  The lake, the view of the escarpment from the beach, the beach, the birds, the natural habitat, the beautiful homes, the warmth of the residents, it’s all enticing, intoxicating and addictive.  Our goal – we want to share it all with the world.  One way of doing that is the Wasaga Film Festival, now in its 5th year.  Changes have been made there too, they’ve re-branded, changed the date of the red carpet gala to April 30th and have incorporated the WSA, the umbrella under which the film festival will now operate.  This year is exciting as we have new  members, new partners and new plans, I’ll save that for a post after the Fundraiser.

After announcing the fundraiser, people have jumped in to help make this a spectacular event and I’ve met some truly fabulous and supportive people.   The models for this event include Joanne Blohm-Smith, Michelle Seip, Dr. Krista Markew, Deborah Bullock and Celeste Berges – all beautiful women who are representative of the ‘women on the move in Simcoe County’ which is the theme of my event.  I didn’t know these women when I approached them to model for the event but none of them hesitated to get involved and that my friends is how a community comes together to make things happen.

In addition to the models, Taura Smith has offered to do the hair and make up;  Rocco Galletta from Imagine Jewellery agreed to accessorize the women; April and Philip Worrall offered to entertain us with a latin dance (and more).

April & Philip Worrall
April & Philip Worrall

As if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, Moores’ Clothing for Men in Barrie have partnered with us to offer a special discount for the men who want to dress up for the event.

Moores' Clothing for Men
Moores’ Clothing for Men
The Groove Project
The Groove Project


There’s still a month left to the event and as if all of this isn’t enough, we have Wayne Buttery and the Groove Project performing along with a couple other special guests.

This truly is going to be an event you won’t want to miss.  Come out enjoy the show, meet the WSA Board members and hear what they want to accomplish, enjoy the show and spend the rest of the night dancing.  You can get your tickets at the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce. Hoping to see you there, in the meantime


Keep Creating!








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A Little Clarification by OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for Women)

Hand or Custom Made
Hand or Custom Made


June has been a rather interesting month thus far and the last two weeks have certainly gone quickly.    Astrologically it was supposed to be a fabulous month for me personally but that hasn’t been the case, not that it’s been bad, it’s just that it hasn’t been fabulous YET.   I’ve managed to do a little gardening which I don’t necessarily like but I do love the end result.   Unfortunately I just don’t have the time.

I had a medical test done last week, not that I felt I needed it but once we get to a certain point in life – the government sends us letters informing us that it’s time.  I was fine despite the fact that I was having this procedure done at a new hospital which can make one a little nervous but I always like to think positively.   I was nevertheless fine up until the nurse told me I had to have someone spend the night with me because I was going to be given propofol.  In case you don’t know what it is  – it killed Michael Jackson.  At that point I was ready to jump off the table, pull the IV out and say “changed my mind”.  I didn’t and obviously it went well – at least I felt fine afterwards, not so great a few days later though and now I wait for the results.

I also had a photography lesson which helped me realize that despite having 3 cameras, all of which are perfectly fine – the only problem they have in common is ME – I need to learn how to use them.

The purpose of this blog however, is not to tell you what’s going on in my life but to clarify a few sewing terms for you.  One of my clients asked me to make a prom dress for her daughter.   I drafted the design I had in mind and she loved it.  The daughter wanted a particular colour of purple and so we went together to look for fabric.  I was glad we went together because purple was not what she wanted at all but in fact fuschia.  Unfortunately the only fabric they had in her chosen colour was horrific to work with.  The fabric kept stretching and after redoing it for the 3rd time I realized I had to make an alteration to the design.  In the interim however, my client had lost faith in my ability to make it work and went to shop for a prom dress.  She found a $23.00 dress that carried the Guess label and then asked me if I could take the top from the purchased dress and attach it to the bottom of the dress I designed.  I was mortified to be asked but agreed to have a look at it.  It was black and the top was nothing more than a stretch sequinned top and would have ruined the look of the dress I had designed, the colours would not have worked together.  It would have been hideous, not to mention for the amount of work involved I would have had to charge twice as much as the dress I designed and the one she purchased together.  I refused.

So here’s the thing – people are prepared to buy anything that has a known label whether it’s quality or not.  Here’s what you need to understand – when you purchase a custom made dress it is by far more valuable than a dress with a known label because it has been hand made for YOU.

What is a label after all?  If I took any of my pieces and photographed a celebrity wearing them my label would be more desirable whether it was worthy or not because of the person who wore it.  What does that say about you and your self image?  Not much.

Here’s the other thing, people keep asking me if I will take in a dress they purchased – I AM A DESIGNER, I DON’T DO ALTERATIONS unless it’s on one of my designs.

These are the definitions I would ask you to familiarize yourself with so that you can make an educated decision the next time you want a dress that will make you look like a knock out.  Sewing terms

A SEAMSTRESS – is a person who makes their living sewing.    They can range from someone who does a hem, fixes a zipper to someone who can make a custom dress from a pattern.

A TAILOR  is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, especially women’s suits and men’s clothing.

A DESIGNER designs clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. They consider who is likely to wear their garment and the situation(s) in which it will be worn. They have a wide range and combinations of materials to work with and a wide range of colors, patterns and styles to choose from.

While everyday wear  is considered a more conventional style, unusual garments are mostly sought for special occasions such as evening or bridal.

When a designer makes a piece for an individual, it is often referred to as haute couture/tailor or custom made.   Today most clothing is designed for mass markets and is considered casual or every day wear.

Haute Couture is French and basically translates as elegant sewing and has literally become more well known as the business of designing, creating and selling custom-made high end women’s fashion.

So never belittle that dress you’ve had made by someone whether it be a seamstress, tailor or designer just because nobody else has something with their label.  Wearing a label that other’s don’t have means you have made a conscious decision to be well dressed with a design that will set you apart from the crowd.

Oh and in case you’re wondering – I redesigned the top of the prom dress and it turned out stunning.  That’ll teach you to not have faith in me.

Style and tasteUntil next time Keep Creating!


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Happy Mother’s Day from OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for Women)

Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better way to thank her for all the love and sacrifices she’s made than with a beautiful bouquet of roses – any colour will do but yellow have always been my favourite.

It’s been a wonderful week thus far, the weather cooperated over the weekend so I managed to get my flower beds ready for whatever blooms.  I planted a lilac tree in front of the house last year, nothing is better than exiting your front door and smelling the sweet fragrance of lilacs in bloom.

Monday I met more members of the Wasaga Film Festival Committee that I’m delighted to now be a part of. I know I keep going on about it but I’m truly amazed by the number of talented,  creative people we have living in this community.   I’m thrilled to be a part of this team, so looking forward to working with them to realize the vision “bringing the world to Wasaga Beach”.

I also received a wonderful message from a client who had purchased one of my dresses and wore it to a function over the weekend.  She wrote “WOW I have never received so many compliments on an outfit before and from several random people I didn’t even know.  My husband was wondering if you make suits”.  She did look amazing in the dress – a testament to the difference between ‘tailored’ and ‘off the rack’.

OHMJAM goodies arrived this week.  Now I can wander all over town without having to tell people who I am or what I do.  On that note, my story was in the spring issue of Women with Vision magazine.  ohmjam pressies As if that weren’t enough, I received an email last night from a gentleman I met the other day telling me he’d just watched me on our local TV channel so he took a moment to visit my website to learn more about the work I do. His words “Very Impressive”. Thanks to his message I got to see the last few minutes of my interview.

Back to Mother’s Day,  I don’t get flowers or cards any longer.  My sons are in Australia (where I’m sure they celebrate at the same time) however, the distance is a good excuse for them to forget or just not bother because they’re too busy.   How does it feel?  Well I normally wouldn’t write about something like that but being forgotten on the one day that you should be remembered and honoured for all that you’ve done, long into their adulthood hurts beyond measure.  It’s all too easy to blame yourself and wonder what you did wrong to deserve being forgotten.  Then you remember the last good deed you did for your children and how quickly that was forgotten and you know it isn’t your fault.

Sadly, I hear all too often from women who gave birth to sons.  “A daughter’s a daughter for all your life but a son’s a son till he takes a wife”.  I also hear far too often how wonderful women’s parents are but that her husband’s are horrible, intolerable people.  If I live to be 100 I will never understand how it’s possible that parents of girls are perfect people whereas parents of boys aren’t worthy of the time of day. I was a daughter and I spent the last 10 years of my Mother’s life caring for her but I’m also a Mother of boys so does that negate all the good I’ve ever done and reduce me to being one of those unworthy people?  Hhmmmm there is nothing logical or scientific about that concept so could it be that it’s just #‘daughter-in-law’ perception? (I’m hashtagging that and claiming it the newest trendy disease).  Unfortunately,  there’s far too many women suffering with that affliction.

I’m hoping that all men everywhere not only remember the Mothers of their children but also the woman that gave you life because without her you wouldn’t be here.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day and remember Keep Creating!

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Just do it
Just do it




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