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Sell, Sell, Sell by OHMJAM (Women’s fashion boutique)

This is how social media marketing is making me feel.

Sell, Sell, Sell, Buy, Buy, Buy!

I suppose I will seem a bit like a hypocrite but I have been pushed to my limits. It started the other day when I saw a brief video by Sivarama Swami entitled ‘Yoga has Lost its Soul‘. https://youtu.be/cN80EQGlxOI In the video we are reminded that “the original yogis, Krishna and Patanjali taught their students austerity, simplicity and renunciation of worldliness in order to attain enlightenment. Fast forward to 2018 and yoga is now a market worth $80 billion. Yoga marketing has gotten the upper hand but it’s no laughing matter, the purpose of yoga was not making money but rather self realisation”.

Suddenly a light went on in my head after watching the video, well not quite but I’ve been in a quiet, reflective mood since the beginning of the year and I’m finding it hard to hide from commercialism, consumerism. I feel like everywhere I look, someone is trying to sell me something I neither want or need. Don’t get me wrong I’m guilty of consuming much more than I probably need, as evidenced by my closets full of shoes, purses and clothes much of which I don’t wear; my CD/old record and book collections; and kitchen gadgets I’ve never used, not to mention a studio full of fabric. It seems we spend the first half of our lives acquiring things and the second half disposing of those things in order to simplify our lives.

I started out really enjoying Instagram and Pinterest, thru social media I got a glimpse of culture, art, photography, fashion/interior design but now it’s full of videos of reality characters selling products. What has happened to work hard and you can be successful? Now it’s ‘get on a reality show and you can become rich by advertising our product”. Is coffee really better because George Clooney drinks it? Is your life really going to be better because you used something that some reality star sold you? I think not.

A couple of years ago I was asked to make a prom dress for a young lady. Her mother didn’t have a lot of money and the daughter wanted a specific colour.  Sympathetic to her situation I agreed to make a dress and I even went shopping with them to find a suitable fabric. We found something on the last call rack, I think it was $5.00 a metre. I designed a dress.  Needless to say the fabric wasn’t easy to work with and after two fittings it stretched. I realized I had to change the design of the top. The mother in the meantime found a hideous so called  “designer dress” (made in China) on sale for $20.00 and bought it, then asked me to attach the ugly sequened top of the ‘designer dress‘ to the bottom of the dress I designed. I was dumbfounded by her request and refused. I finished the dress which turned out beautiful, the daughter was delighted with it and proudly wore it to her graduation.  So the question then becomes is a dress with a designer label, one that couldn’t sell and ended up on the sale rack at less than it cost to make really better than a custom designed dress? Of course not but people will buy it simply because of the label.  We’ve become numb or senseless, we’ve been lead to believe that if a super model or even a reality star wears it, it must be the best. IT’S NOT.

By the way, I have nothing against Reality TV, I watch it although some of it is getting a little too nasty and negative for my liking.  I watched an episode of the Bachelor last week.  It occurred to me that some of these girls act crazy, not because they are but so they won’t be forgotten when they aren’t proposed to.  Then after filming they can get an agent and do what – SELL of course.

WAKE UP PEOPLE.  Not all Reality TV is REAL, it’s scipted – REALITY IS THE LIFE YOU’RE LIVING and it won’t suddenly become better because you wear a designer label or you drink some tea or protein drink that a super thin reality star is selling. We watch so called ‘REALITY TV’ and see all the glitz and glam but the reality is this, it’s not all glitz and glam. How many of those reality star’s houses are going into foreclosure, how many are being sued or have gone to jail?   Call me crazy but I just can’t sit back and watch any longer without voicing an opinion.  My problem isn’t with someone trying to sell their merchandise but with the fact that normal, everyday people make some wonderful products and work hard to get them on the market.  So if you must buy and let’s be honest, we’ll always have to purchase things, then buy local so that your community can flourish.

Buy local

The #metoo movement has ignited and now #Timesup is focusing on not only sexual harrassment but a myriad of other issues including pay equity and inequality.  Well maybe it’s time we start looking at how powerless some local businesses are against the mega giants.

Well that’s my rant for the month, I’m off to the gym where I just might do a yoga class.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

Times Up in the Little Black Dress by OHMJAM

“This I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. ” in Versace

‘Times Up’ were the words on everyone’s lips at the Golden Globes 2018 and they all spoke those words wearing ‘Little black dresses‘.

WOW is all I can say after watching last night as I sat hemming a pair of black palazzo pants.  Oprah’s speech was riveting and I sat for 8 plus minutes crying listening to her words.  I can’t say enough about this woman who has done so much to change the way we think and look at things for the past how many years?  She has inspired me for as long as I can remember so every accolade she receives is for me a celebration of her magnificence.  But this blog isn’t about Oprah’s acceptance speech for her Cecil B. DeMille award last night; it’s about the little black dresses that I loved.  Nonetheless, I encourage any and everyone to listen to her speech again and again.

I watch and enjoy all the award shows, admittedly moreso to see the fashion and last night was no exception.  You would think that everyone in black might be boring but hell no, it was powerful.  Here are my favourites.

Allison Brie in Vassilis Zoulias

Allison Brie looked elegant in this jumpsuit with an overskirt by Vassilis Zoulias.

Laura Dern in Armani Prive

Laura Dern glittered in this sleek Armani Prive gown.

Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive

Jessica Chastain stunned in this simple yet sophisticated dress with just a hint of glitz also by Armani Prive.

Gal Gadot in Tom Ford

Who doesn’t love a Tux jacket and a ruched dress and Gal Gadot looked amazing in this Tom Ford design.

Jessica Biel in Dior

Jessica Biel could wear a paper bag and look stunning but in this gown by Dior she outdid herself once again.

Elizabeth Moss stunned in this simple black dress by ?????

Try as I did I couldn’t find the designer of Elisabeth Moss’s dress but I loved it and her speech.

I saved my favourite for last.

Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen

This was one of the first dresses I saw and I was anxious to see what, if anything would replace it as my favourite.  There were some wonderful dresses but Reese Witherspoon in this one shoulder, tailored to perfection dress by Zac Posen remained my absolute favourite of the night.

Just goes to show that sometimes less is more.  I love simple elegance because it allows you to wear the dress and not the dress to wear you.

Who were your favourites?

Time is Up indeed but In the meantime, Keep Creating!



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Happy New Year by OHMJAM.com (Women’s online fashion boutique)

Toast to 2018
That’s a wrap on 2017

Happy New Year from our home to yours. I want to wish you all a happy, healthy 2018 filled with love, laughterlight and peace.

2017 was a difficult year for many, we lost friends, family, musicians and entertainers that were part of our history this year and with each passing it reminds us that each day is a gift, not a promise. To honour that gift we should celebrate it by living in the moment with gratitude for we have much to be grateful for. While it’s been a less than stellar year for me, I have grown spiritually and that is to me worth more than I could ever have hoped or wished for.  To quote Albert EinsteinLearn from yesterday, Live for Today and Hope for tomorrow.’

I saw a post with some good advice the other day ‘Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you’. Let’s all take that into the New Year while we set our sights on new beginnings with new intentions.

Hope to see you in a warmer climate on the other side of the world in 2018.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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Happy Holidays from OHMJAM (Women’s online boutique)

Happy Holidays with Chritmas Flowers from Oz.

Happy Holidays to all.

Has it really been five months since I last wrote a blog. Indeed it has and it’s been a frustrating five months at that. While I managed to accomplish a fair bit I was plagued with one thing after another which all seemed to come to a head in December. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say it hasn’t been a pleasant time at all.

I was expecting the family to come to Canada for Christmas this year but like everything else this year, it was one more disappointment as it didn’t happen. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, I wanted to celebrate the holidays with a reindeer theme and I managed to do just that.

Reindeer wreath
more reindeer

Every year I buy myself a Christmas present just in case Santa forgets to drop by or decides I’ve been naughty. This year it was a live edge coffee table which Lisa Gardner of Rustic Sawmill Creations made for me. This really was the highlight of my year as I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember and Lisa brought my vision to fruition.

Live edge coffee table by Rustic Sawmill Creations

No matter what is going on in my life, creating fashion keeps me focused and able to get through it. This year my focus was on fall and winter designs. For the first time I worked with leather and created this little jacket

Navy Blue Leather jacket with hidden pockets

My next jacket was a bit of a challenge because the quilting took forever to do but I love how it turned out. It’s certainly going to be warm.

I didn’t plan on the next one but I found this red wool and had to have it. I won’t be missed in this red hot number.

Red jacket with slanted button holes.

Hopefully I’ll be heading to Australia in the New Year so I’m busy working on some summer pieces to take. I may even hold a fashion show while I’m there. Whatever I do, I’m hoping that 2018 brings with it more happy days than we had in 2017.

Whatever you’re doing for the holidays, my wish for you is that you are happy, healthy and surrounded by your loved ones.

And of course, Keep Creating!

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Back in the Studio with Fabric by OHMJAM.com

Daisy pant suit pink fabric
Daisies in Pink

Fabric, fabric everywhere.  I’m back in my studio   which still isn’t finished but there’s too much fabric to wait until it is.

Summer has finally arrived and brought with it a lot of rain, torrential rain at times.  The beach is happening and I’m slowly getting inspired to get back into the thick of things.

Was it the rain,  bad news recently received or missing my family and friends in Australia?  I don’t know but I confess I haven’t felt like doing anything. Overwhelmed is a not a new feeling but one I haven’t felt since leaving the corporate world, yet it has returned.  Add disillusioned to that and you’ve got a myriad of emotions.

I usually keep so busy that I don’t have time for such thoughts or emotions.  However, this time I became reclusive. Shopping can usually get me out of any funk but I’ve had no desire to shop.  A new hairdo can lift my spirits so I got a fabulous haircut which helped for a few days.  I spent time working out at the gym, it helped a little.  Then I finally pulled some fabric and started creating a new wardrobe and suddenly it felt like a cloud had been lifted.

new denim fabric
Glitzy zipper jeans

Getting started was easy, I made a pair of jeans and put a glitzy zip fly in.  Nobody will know it’s there unless…. but I will.  It’s kind of like that feeling you get when you wear your sexiest under garments.

I’m not usually a fan of pink for myself but I do love daisies, so my next project was a pink pant suit.  Pale pink pants and a pink daisy top from the fabric shown at the top of the blog.

As I started to make these outfits, I began to get excited and couldn’t help but pull out more fabric.  Well I admit I went to Pinterest and Instragram to get inspired by things I love and while there isn’t much I don’t love, I do love colours and textures.

Dress or top? Silk fabric
Pink and Gray Silk

Here’s some of the fabric I’ll be using for my new wardrobe.  Now all I have to do is find the time to do it all.

silk fabric
Rich Brown tone, silk


Red Anchors jersey fabric
Crazy for Red & Anchors






pants or top polester blend fabric
Two Shades of Gray (& white)
textured fabric
White and Black Fall Jacket

Hopefully I stay inspired long enough to complete my new wardrobe.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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Happy by OHMJAM.com

Finding old friends
Old Friends

HAPPY, you bet I am.  Perhaps it’s because Spring is in the air and everything feels lighter, fresher and new but I have other reasons for being happy.  It started a couple of weeks ago, I had been thinking about an old friend that I hadn’t been in contact with for several years.  This pic of the horses is quite appropriate because I used to call her Mare, short for Mary.  She had been my best friend, the person I shared everything with but we had a silly disagreement and our cooling down period ended up lasting more than 10 years.  So many times I wanted to pick up the phone to call her but pride got in the way, you know that thought when you tell yourself it’s not your fault and they should pick up the phone, not you.  Needless to say I didn’t make the call and as it does, life went on.  I missed her but not just her, I missed her family, I missed us and the way we laughed together.

I always know when I’m about to get a life lesson because things get in my head and they linger until the lesson presents itself.  For weeks I had been thinking about her, wondering what her kids were up to and then – I got a message from her on Facebook.  We chatted via messenger for a couple of hours, sent each other pictures of our families and brought each other up to date.   I was shocked to learn that she had a couple of strokes but thankfully was doing much better.  I could hardly sleep that night because of the emotion that had welled up inside of me. Lesson learned – friendships are treasures we find in life, we need to cherish them while we can because life is short.

Then of course it was Mother’s Day and my boys didn’t disappoint.  It can be a sad time when you’re so far away but messages from the heart can mean so much more than presents.  I adore my sons and while every mother says that, it’s true in my case.  I had them when I was very young so not only are they my children but they are a little like the brothers I never had too.  They are my best friends and I’m so blessed because in spite of having them was I was a mere child, they’ve grown up to be successful adults so I must have done something right.  The fact that they’re handsome, intelligent, funny and talented is another bonus.  I jokingly refer to them as my slugs – just because.

I received pics of these girls the other day and I melted.  My Mom grew up on a farm, she had a horse (Bob) that she loved and when he got old and had to be put down, she never quite got over it.  She loved horses so much that she

Two M's
Beauties taking time out of Taekwondo to ride

became quite a gambler.  Needless to say, I spent a great deal of my childhood at the racetrack.  Naturally I developed a deep love for horses as well. To me horses represent family.  Four years ago I was in Australia and took my grandchildren to the racetrack – had to keep the tradition alive.  As we were leaving I told them that if I moved back to Australia I would buy us a horse.  My youngest granddaughter who just happens to share a birthday with my Mother has inherited the same love of horses.  I was hoping that she could come to spend the summer here in Canada with me as I live just a couple of miles from a stable and I have friends who own horses.  That was just a dream, the girls have school, Taekwondo and a myriad of other things going on but I’m delighted that they are riding too.

Lastly, I put my IKEA pieces together all by myself.  Trust me this is not always an easy thing to do but I did it and I’m so happy because I now have drawers for my craft tools and a cube to store fabric, although I need a door or containers to put it in so it doesn’t look so messy.  I need more of these as I have a wall of cupboards that are filled to the brim with fabric and no place to store other things.  Another trip to the city is on the agenda.

Ikea finds
IKEA solutions

They came to measure for the flooring yesterday and once that is done my studio will be complete and I will be ready to design a fall/winter collection.  I’m not even going to try to do a collection for the summer, I have so many other things I want to do so I’ve decided to take the summer off to enjoy life, my friends and spend time at the gym getting fit and fabulous.

Life is good and that makes me happy.    I hope you are too.


In the meantime, Keep Creating!



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Hashtag #LovemyLife by OHMJAM.com

Yonge Street in the 50’s

One of my most used Hashtags is #lovemylife so I thought I’d share a little about just why I love my life. This is my beloved Toronto, circa 1950 I’m guessing. Growing up in downtown Toronto, Yonge Street was pretty much my backyard and over the years I saw changes but for the most part it remained the same.  I assure you it doesn’t look like this any longer although most of the old buildings remain but the movie theatres that lined the street are gone now with the exception of the Pantages Theatre.  This is an aerial view of the city today, sadly the skyline is all but gone now.

Toronto today


Don’t get me wrong I love Toronto, it’s my hometown, it’s where I grew up and where I spent the better part of my life with the exception of the years I lived in Australia but it’s changed.  I’m not opposed to change but…… there’s always a but isn’t there.  Okay let me explain.  I’m one of those people that when I get something in my head, I’m not content until I bring it to fruition.  I started renovating my studio months ago and it’s still not complete.  The flooring still needs to be done and I needed storage items.  I can’t design until I’ve created the ambiance that exists in my head.  So I searched the net for the items I wanted and of course where can you find just about anything – IKEA of course. Where is the nearest IKEATORONTO of course.  You can find everything in Toronto. For weeks I have been wanting/needing to go and get those pieces but for a number of reasons hadn’t been able to – weather mostly.  Yesterday the weather was perfect so off I went with a friend..  I hate taking the highway, no matter the time of day everybody thinks they’re Mario Andretti and I’m never in that much of a hurry.  Besides I love taking the side roads; the views of lush green grass in spring, trees in bloom and animals grazing feeds my soul. We saw plenty of that yesterday as well as quaint little towns that make you wish you lived in them.   Best of all traffic was almost absent.

The minute we hit Toronto, we were fighting our way through traffic -why we don’t hear more stories of road rage in the City is beyond me, drivers were very aggressive.   Arriving at our first destination, the famous IKEA, it took us quite awhile to find a parking space – really don’t people work anymore, it was mid day.  I got a few of the items I needed but one of the most important I couldn’t fit in my car.

After a well deserved lunch, it was getting late now and we still had a two hour drive home but I wasn’t going home without going to one of my old haunts – Grande Cheese on Orfus Rd. to pick up a couple of things I can’t find in the country – Passitti cheese and tarelli. For those who don’t know what Passitti is, it’s those little balls hanging. I went via the Bridal Path to get to Lawrence thinking there wouldn’t be a lot of traffic there – I was ABSOLUTELY wrong. We spent an hour in more traffic but nothing was going to stop me and I’m so glad I persevered.  Walking into this place, the blended aroma of cheese and salami filled the air and I felt a warmth come over me.  I was so grateful that this place hadn’t changed and that it was still there.  My friend who had never been there looked at me and her eyes lit up.  Before we left she said I could spend hours here.  I was so happy to share my little treasure with her. There’s something wonderful about the security of knowing that some things don’t change.

Grande Cheese

I got my passitti, my favourite pasta and we headed for home. There was no time to hit another of my favourite places in Toronto – Queen Street West where people in the fashion biz can find just about anything they want or need.  Heading home I thought I need to come back, I’m missing the familiarity of home, I just don’t miss the congestion.

Queen Street

We weren’t in a hurry to get home so we once again took another route. This time we saw plenty of opulence.  For a moment I wondered if the views were like those one would see in South Carolina where there are rolling estates.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

On our way home.

The ride home was beautiful, I didn’t feel tired or tense when I arrived as I so often do when I’ve spent a day fighting my way through traffic.

That was my start to this week.  Last week I spent doing some spring cleaning and giving my closet a fresh coat of paint.  However, in the midst of that I took a day off to go on a little adventure with one of my artist friends who is doing such beautiful work she has inspired me.  I’m not going to share the name of it because it’s still fairly untouched, it’s a little brook that flows into/and a favourite fishing spot on Lake Huron.  It was so beautiful and spending time in a nature always makes me feel creative and alive.  This is my home now, beautiful South Georgian Bay where you can find a different kind of everything.

Brook flowing in the Lake Huron

So you see I love my life because I have the time to explore and I find beauty in all that I discover.  Life is never dull when you can do that.

No time for exploration this week however, now it’s time to get things done, get organized so I can design.  There is so much fabric in my studio just waiting to become objects of beauty.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Keep creating!

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My Life Lately by OHMJAM (Women’s Fashion Designer)

Lately my life feels like a giant jigsaw puzzle and I’m finding it hard to fit the pieces together.   Have you ever felt that way?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining but if I were the only thing I would be whining about is the fact that there is no time to do all the things I have on the go.  For example, I had my garage drywalled a few weeks ago and bought the paint but I’ve been unable to get out and do it because it’s either been too cold or raining.  I finally got out in the garden and bagged 13 bags of leaves that I didn’t manage to get to before the snow came last year only to discover that my lawn has not only been taken over by some nasty critter but that every weed on the planet has moved in.   HELP I cried – Lawn Maintenance “sorry call in a weed guy”.  Weed guy “sorry too many weeds, you need to seed and pray“.  I’m sticking to succulents from here on in.  I’m not even trying to be a gardener but when the people you try to hire don’t even want to take your money – like ‘SERIOUSLY’.

My newest succulent

Completed two sweaters that now need to be blocked, I have no time to do it so I’ve gone to our local wool shop three times to ask if they could do it only to find classes in session or a CLOSED sign on the door.  WHAT, well we do live in snow country after all.

I need someone to paint the house and after getting a recommendation, he was a no show not once but twice.

Need flooring done, first the reno guy didn’t call back and then the fellow from the flooring store never showed up to measure.

I need to get to Ikea to purchase pieces for my studio but everytime I’ve planned to go the weather hasn’t cooperated.

Is all of that the result of Mercury being retrograde?  I don’t know but it’s been incredibly frustrating for a gal who knows what she wants and wants it when she wants it.

I decided to wait it out and just chill, trouble is I can’t chill, I need to be doing something, making something, creating something. So I decided to work on some DIY projects – I made a couple of garden globes which turned out lovely but now I have no garden to put them in and it’s still too cold.

On a brighter note I have a new big screen TV and have finally been able to get caught up with Game of Thrones. I’m tickled pink that the girls have taken over in Season 6.  Now I can’t wait for Season 7.  I was invited to attend the Collingwood Cinema Club’s movie presentations this past weekend and got to see a couple of tear jerkers – Manchester by the Sea and Horse Window, Moonlight was playing the next day but I was too exhausted from the prior day.  I had guests for dinner and we headed to an after party with Liberty Silver and some of her friends, she was in town performing.

Hanging with the gals and Liberty Silver at the after party.

Sunday I decided to spend the day resting and watching TV, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was on as was the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale.  The RHOA reunion was brutal, the women slung insult after insult at each other.  It was hurting my head so I pulled out a canvas and paint, I needed a diversion.  Then the Handmaid’s Tale, if you think Game of Thrones as being barbaric and cruel, well at least the killing is swift.  The Handmaid’s Tale takes place in a totalitarian theocracy with the theme being the subjugation of women.  It was torturous for me to watch so I continued painting feverishly.  The result was a picture of my brain exploding.  You can clearly see that I started out softly but it quickly ended in chaos.  Proof that you are a product of your environment.

Painting while watching evil on TV.

Yesterday I finally got around to taking the car in for service and while I was in the City I decided to shop around.  I ended up signing up for a jewelry making class.  Do I really need yet another hobby?  I have no time for the ones I have now but, but ……….the pieces were shiny and sparkling, unlike the current state of my chaotic and hectic life.

Last night I had an exchange with one of my cousins who just happens to be an Angel Card Reader.  She picked these cards for me.  Learn new things and teach was the first card.

My Angel reading

The second card suggested I needed Focused Intention. Hhmm, I reflected on that for a while and questioned whether I could ever stay focused.  Is it because I’m passionate and I want to do everything; experience life while I still can?  After all I’ve spent most of my life taking care of other people and now I finally have time for me.  Or am I looking for distractions to keep my mind off the fact that the people I love most in the world are 9,000 miles away and I don’t want to think about all that I’m missing?

More from my angel reading

I may never know the answer but in the meantime, I’m busy living life moment by moment, day by day and it’s racing by far too quickly.  Today I’m feeling girly, so I’m off to clear out and paint my walk in closet.  I even found a small chandelier for it – now that’s GIRLY  and so unlike me.  Stay tuned for the next installment, oh maybe I should finish that book I’ve been working on for the past 20 years.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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2017 Trends, Love or Hate em – OHMJAM.com

My signature colours bouquet

2017 Fashion trends – hmmm, while I’ve been lazy and indulgent for the past couple of months and couldn’t be happier, I have kept my eye on what’s happening in the fashion world.  AND it’s  not entirely true that I’ve been lazy although I have used the excuse that my studio is under renovation and I simply can’t get motivated until it’s completed.  The problem is I haven’t done a lot about finishing it.  Instead I’ve been renovating myself and indulging in things I love, knitting for one.

First off I decided it was time for a change of hairstyle so I got a pixie cut and went lighter than I normally do.  My poor hairdresser stood at the ready saying “are you sure?” with a worried look on his face.  Thankfully he said “no” when I showed him a pic of the haircut with a platinum blonde model.  I was not meant to be that blonde.

Secondly I’ve gone vegetarian again.  I started a few years ago and felt so healthy, I can’t remember why I stopped but I somehow recall that it had to do with stress from a job that exhausted me.  My only problem with being vegetarian is that you have to find things to make and make them tasty enough to keep you on track.  It’s not that I hate cooking, it’s just that cooking takes time.  Time is one thing I hate to waste on anything that I’m not passionate about – I like cooking and I’m an adequate cook but I’m definitely not passionate about it.

Thirdly, I’ve gone back to meditating daily, the joy in my day.  I have been meditating for years but every once in awhile I fall off and get too busy.  Truth is we’re never too busy to take time to recharge – another excuse I make.

All that I have been doing of late seems to be associated with reconnecting with parts of my past and isn’t it interesting that fashion trends also seem to be taking a walk down memory lane.   There’s almost a Dr. Zhivago look for 2017 winter with vintage fur, high collars, the Russian look and velvet making a comeback on the runway.  Coincidentally, I watched Dr. Zhivago just last night, who could resist the romantic look that this inspires.  After all aren’t the men of today all sporting sporting either a mustache or beard?  This is a look I can certainly live with and on the OHMJAM scorecard it scores a 7 from me (provided the fur is fake).  LOVE

Russian Hats from Dr. Zhivago

Other comebacks include 70’s plaid – I put a lot of plaid into my 2015 collection.  Plaid is something that will always make a comeback.  I give plaid a 7.

Colours for the fall are Red and Chocolate Brown.  YES, these are two colours I can live with no problem.  Red brightens up and aligns with the fall colours and brown accentuated with the golds, and oranges in the fall  is so rich, I love the look.  These colours score a 9 with me.


Glittery boots are in – not or me thanks.  HATE although I was not a fan of UGGS when I first saw them in Australia, before they made a big splash here in Canada.  UGGS have sort of grown on me since then so maybe if I see enough glittery boots done well, I’ll have a change of heart about them.  Score 0.

Couch Florals for the Spring/Summer – I love big splashy florals but do I want to wear this?  NO.  Score 0.

Couch Florals REALLY!!!!!

Big Belts are in again and oh how I wish I could still wear the ones I wore back in my 20 inch waist days.  Bring em on.  Score 9.

Big belts

Dare I say it – shoulder pads are also coming back and I couldn’t be happier.  I have tried everything imaginable over the years, including weightlifting but nothing has worked to make my shoulders larger or broader.  Here’s the thing girls – clothes just hang better on a woman when she has shoulders.  I score them a big 10 and hope they stay forever.  Not too big though.  However, the Deconstructed look is back in style and I’m not too crazy about that.

Lastly the Leisure look is in.  Living in the country you rarely see anybody in anything other than jeans or a track suit.  Admittedly, that took a bit of getting used to but a couple of winters in snowbelt country made me a convert.  So the leisure look is one I’ll be happy to see.  There are deisgners that can make a track suit that’s wearable almost anywhere.  Just one note to those designers – not all girls have skinny legs.  The leisure look scores an 8 from me.

Lower hemlines are also in and I predit a lot of longer, flowing, romantic dresses for the summer.

That’s my take on the fashion trends for 2017.  What are your favourites?

In the meantime, Keep Creating!

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My Picks for the Best Dressed at the Oscars 2017 by OHMJAM.com

Who doesn’t love the Oscars?  Viola Davis summed it up best in her acceptance speech when she said  “We are the only profession that gets to celebrate what it means to live a life.” and we get to see them doing just that in their performances.  We also get to see actors dressed in the creations of today’s fashion designers, what’s not to love?

This year while there were some mishaps in the production, the designers didn’t disappoint.  Here are my picks of the Best dressed (not necessarily in order).

Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney



This white one shoulder cape is simple but elegant.  The choker and bag are the perfect accessories to this outfit.


Kirsten Dunst shines in this Christian Dior gown.












I often think that less is more and this Dior gown is proof of that.  Dunst is stunning in this design.

Georgina Chapman wearing Marchesa of course.

I sometimes think Marchesa is a bit too busy for my liking but this is the perfect balance of texture, flair and fit.

Priynka Chopra wearing a geometric Ralph & Russo



Ralph & Russo, one of my favourite designers rarely disappoint and Priya was one of my favourites last year as well.


Scarlett Johannson in Alaia












I don’t know this designer but when Johannson walked on the stage the dress was flowing like liquid and was just revealing enough.

Jessica Biel in Kaufmanfranco

Jessica Biel would look good in a sack but she really stuns in this beautiful gold creation which hugs her perfectly.

Halle Berry in Versace

Last but certainly not least.  I have never seen Halle wear anything that wasn’t perfect for her.  This modern Grecian style by Versace is absolutely stunning.

These couture pieces have inspired me to get busy.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!



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