Who Are We

I am Carol Romanella, founder and designer for OHMJAM. I have loved fashion ever since I can remember, probably after learning to make my first apron. As a young girl I wanted to be different, making my own clothes allowed me to do just that and it continued into my adult life. As an adult making my own clothes not only allowed me to wear unique clothes but I could be fashionable and economical at the same time. Walking into a fabric store excites my senses. I love the colours, prints and textures. I hope to inject that excitement into my designs.

In 2001 I became a grandmother for the first time, I was also diagnosed with breast cancer the same year. On Sept. 11th, 2001, after surgery I received the news that I was cancer free. I was elated only to return home, turn on the television and see the horror of that day. It changed my life forever, throughout my cancer journey I never thought “why me” but on that day “why me” became the question in my mind. I would live while others hadn’t and I couldn’t help but wonder what I could do to make a difference. I wanted to do something to help others although I didn’t know how and then I discovered Homeopathy. I went as a patient and left as a student. In 2005 I became a Homeopath and started my practice (Path to Life) and enjoyed what I was doing, all the while still working full time. Eventually I needed a creative outlet and decided I would go back to school again – this time to learn about fashion design and pattern making. An ocean was the divide between my grandchildren and me and in 2009 I was ready to take the leap, I had my label created but the universe had other plans for me. I created OHMJAM in the hopes of one day sharing my passion for fashion with Liv, Hayden, Maeve, Jack, Ali and Mia. I’d hoped that it would be the catalyst to link us, a way of forging a relationship after missing out on all the years they were growing up in Australia while I was here in Canada. The name, my way of expressing my love for them.

Today I hope that OHMJAM will be a vehicle for me to support a cause very dear to my heart – AUTISM and in so doing I hope to be able to make beautiful clothes that people everywhere will enjoy.