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Ready for the Holidays by OHMJAM.com (Online Fashion Boutique)

Purple was the Colour Theme this year.

I am sooooo ready for the Holidays; to have some alone time as well as time with friends. I’ve been going non-stop since September and I’m exhausted. It’s been wonderful things that have kept me busy but I definitely need to relax and recharge before the new year. I didn’t realize until today that I haven’t stopped since January when I was preparing for my Fashion Fundraiser which was held in March. Since then I’ve been going full on with the Wasaga Film Festival and the Wasaga Society for the Arts.

So exactly what has kept me so busy – first off I hosted a luncheon for the amazing Liberty Silver in early October.  We then took her to RogersTV to do a taping for our October 19th Press Release.October 19th, we appeared on Georgian Bay Life and then immediately raced to meet with Ian Adams, Reporter for the Wasaga Beach Sun

The Wasaga Film Festival Committee
The Wasaga Film Festival Committee, Linda McGill, Kathy Wadham, Carol Romanella, Ronald Domerchie, Debbie Colleti and Aimee Lococo-Sarabura.

There was a lovely night at the Gayety Theatre to listen to Moses Znaimer, a wonderful Show at the Simcoe Theatre where I saw a fabulous Musical called No Chance in Hell and a great Creative Symposium also at the Simcoe Theatre with Guest Speaker Jeremy Frieberger from CoBalt Connects.

November there were non stop meetings and telephone conferences, with a little trip to Molly Blooms in Collingwood to do a fundraiser.  Then one of the most exciting things happened at the end of November, the first M in OHMJAM fought her way in Taekwondo to represent Australia in the Oceana Championships in Fiji.  She took home a bronze medal.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Maeve represented Australia in Fiji
Maeve represented Australia in Fiji

While Maeve was off representing Australia, I was in Collingwood in the Santa Claus parade, trying to portray blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield.  Kudos to us as we came third in the Non-Profit category.

Hollywood Characters from the Silver Screen - the Wasaga Film Festival Committee
Hollywood Characters from the Silver Screen – the Wasaga Film Festival Committee
The Wasaga Film Festival's Santa Parade Float 2016
The Wasaga Film Festival’s Santa Parade Float 2016

Third for a first time entry wasn’t at all bad but what was really special was that we actually won first prize in the Wasaga Beach Santa Parade.

Throughout all of that we were prepping for our Youth workshops which happened yesterday with Brett Heard.

Brett Heard - from Fresh Baked and The Incubator Studio
Brett Heard – from Fresh Baked and The Incubator Studio

We decided to make the third workshop available to all ages as so many people had expressed an interest in wanting to learn how to do a film.  I was delighted with the turnout and got to learn some valuable information.  I am hosting a dinner party next week and wondering whether I should spring it on my unsuspecting guests that I want them to be part of my film or tell them in advance and hope that they still show up.  Either way I will hopefully film the preparation of the meal if my oven works.   Turned on the oven today and it sounded like there was a Harley in my kitchen – please please let me get it repaired this week.

What I did learn yesterday will not only help me with the film I intend to make but I have a manuscript that’s been sitting collecting dust for far too long.  I think I may take advantage of the holidays to take it out, dust it off and get working on finishing it.  Wish me luck.

Next week is still a busy one with more preparations for the holidays – baking, sewing, wrapping presents and I have another household project that I would love to do – I found some fabulous tiles that I want to install downstairs.  Will I get it all done? We’ll see but I promise to let you know by the time I write my annual year end blog.

I hope you’re all ready for the holidays and that you’re able to spend it with loved ones and good friends.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!