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Good-Bye 2016 (Designs by OHMJAM)

Good-bye 201
From our house to yours in 2016

Another year is about to come to an end so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on what the past year has been like for me and for the record, I personally can’t wait to say good-bye to 2016.

The year started off busy and so full of hope as I worked feverishly to make my Fashion Fundraiser a success and indeed it was but that’s where it ended.  I don’t like to regret anything in life but it was something I ended up deeply regretting.  I did something kind, selfless to bring awareness to an organization but it became nothing more than contentious or perhaps it was just that way because of the people involved.  Either way I learned a lesson in life about people, a lesson I would much rather not have had to learn.  I learned how wrong I was about people I thought were integral, I learned not to trust.

2016 was about loss, endings for me.  Friendships ended, some I thought would last a lifetime. I walked away from an organization I was responsible for starting and was passionate about.  I learned that people I thought I could count on forever, weren’t as reliable as I thought.  I learned how much gossip and lies hurt.  Sadly, I learned how not to give so much of my time and energy to undeserving people.

I committed to being a co-chair on the Wasaga Film Festival and making the 6th Annual a Year to Remember.  I had no idea as to just how much work I was signing up for (another lesson) but when I make a commitment, I follow through.  It has allowed me to meet a number of people that I am glad to have met so I can’t complain.  I do confess having time to rest and relax over the holidays has been a wonderful respite from all the work.

There were so many heart wrenching situations that happened all over the world I confess that while I’m not prone to depression, I struggled this year.  The only thing that truly made me happy was my family and their accomplishments.  It’s not easy to be happy when there are so many people fighting to survive,  are being terrorized or you open your computer only to discover that yet there’s another terrorist attack, or someone that brought so much happiness to your life has passed.

Resolutions are always difficult for me because I start off with such high expectations of myself and then one by one they seem to fall by the wayside.  However, I have decided that the lessons I learned this year will serve me well in 2017 as I plan to make it about me and fulfilling my wish list.  There are so many things I want to do while I still can – I want to learn to paint and incorporate art into my designs.  I want to live a healthier more creative life, I want to learn how to say NO and not feel guilty, I want to love more (if that’s possible) but most of all I just want to become the best me that I can be for me.

So that’s it for me, 2016 SUCKED.  I’m renovating my studio and incorporating a lot of happiness into the design so stay tuned for some fabulous designs in 2017.

Party time
Party time Good-bye 2016

I wish you all a Happy 2017, let’s all hope that it’s a kinder, more gentler year filled with peace, hope and love.

In the meantime, Keep Creating!