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Labour Day by OHMJAM (Online Women’s Fashion Boutique)

Fireworks - a Tradition
                                                                      Fireworks – a Tradition

Here we are – Labour Day and fireworks, the end to summer fun, time to get back to reality.  When my sons were young, I would get excited the week before labour day because it meant I could take them shopping for new clothes – any excuse to shop gets me excited.

Now that I’ve moved to a location that is all about summer, the beach and fun – I’m suddenly not so enamoured with summers anymore.  It’s been a hot, dry summer – my grass is now straw and the only time I really enjoy the heat is when I’m in or around a pool.

This year I’ve been lazy – well that’s not entirely true, I’ve been incredibly busy but not with designing.  In June the
Life-is-about-making-an-impact-not-an-income-inspirational-quote-2Wasaga Film Festival committee met to discuss the 6th Annual Festival and to my surprise more than half of the committee resigned, including the chair and co-chair. The three of us that remained looked at each other and asked ourselves ” can we abandon this after 5 years of hard work?” The answer was obvious – NO, this year the Town had decreed Wasaga Beach as Film Festival month, next year is Canada’s 150th Birthday.  That alone meant we had no choice and so it began.  We have literally been working around the clock to plan next year’s Festival.

If I had seen this quote 20 years ago I would have laughed at it.  Fortunately I’ve matured since then, now I get it.  Income is a necessity of life but making an impact, doing for others – that is what gives us a sense of purpose.

Suddenly I have a new passion, sharing stories through film, discovering film makers.  I suppose it really isn’t a new passion, it’s all part of the creative force within me.

This month I find myself needing to stretch myself even further to accomplish some of our goals and that’s okay because while it’s a challenge, it’s all part of my growth.

I have a manuscript that’s been sitting around collecting dust, it’s my story.  I’m quickly realizing that it’s a story that needs to be told.  One day my Grandchildren will want to know my story and it should be told by me.  Finding the time to complete it is another matter but knowing me I will.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the Fall, the colours of the leaves changing on the trees, a little rain, pumpkin spiced lattes and finding time to start a winter collection to showcase.  It means getting back to the business of fashion and design.

Yes labour day has come again and now we get back to thinking about work.  It’s not all bad, it’s all about perception. First order of business for me – to do the spring cleaning I never got around to doing in March.  I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to Fall as much as I am.

In the meantime – Keep Creating!