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Wasaga Beach Film Festival presented the 5th Annual Red Carpet Gala by OHMJAM (Online Fashion Boutique for Women)

Wasaga Beach 5th Annual Film Festival

Exactly one year ago I signed on to be part of the Wasaga Beach Film Festival Committee (WFF) and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  During the year we accomplished a lot, we re-branded, we changed the date from January to April 30th in order to attract more visitors and lastly we incorporated a non-profit organization – The Wasaga Society for the Arts.  I decided to present my spring/summer collection by way of hosting a fashion fundraiser wherein I wanted to introduce the Board members to the community.  That was barely over when we started gearing up for April which the Town decreed “Film Festival Month”.

In addition to all the View and Votes that were held throughout the month at various venues there was the launch of Wasaga Beach Brewing Company’s Beach 1 Cerveza.  Not only is David Cubitt one of the owners of Wasaga Beach Brewing,  he’s also a  fellow WFF Committee member as well as a sponsor.  Thanks to Wasaga Beach Brewing we had the great iconic Canadian Bobby Curtola not only attend the red carpet gala but he performed as well.

The evening started off with the Telstars performing, if you haven’t seen them check out their website for their scheduled events.  The Wasaga Beach Glee Club delighted the audience with their rendition of Video killed the Radio.  The Spoons  took us back when they sang Romantic Traffic.  Collingwood’s 2015 Idol winner, 12 year old Emma Wright wowed the crowd with Something in the Water (check her out on YouTube).  The last performance of the night came from Bobby Curtola with Fortune Teller and I have to say he still sounds fantastic.

The awards presentations were particularly important to me as I had a family member – Iris Walsh Howling who directed a beautifully written Australian film – Water Water, by Janet Brown entered.   I personally thought it made a poignant statement on the fragility of life .  It won the Silver award in the International category.   I was elated for them.   That wasn’t the only excitement of the night for me, the next came when my friends Kathy Wadham and Kevin DeAbreu’s local film “Alive” won Platinum in the National category and then won the overall Master.  It was so well made and deals with a matter close to all Canadian’s hearts – men and women in the Armed forces, Veterans and their families.

So many of our local businesses had submitted films in the advertising category and all of them were top class films.  It was difficult to pic a winner I’m sure.

Overall the night was amazing, it felt like being at the Oscars.  Congratulations to all the winners – you can all be very proud of your wins. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year we have even more entrants from all over the world.  Our festival was truly the event of the year and I’m so proud to have participated and to be a part of this talented community.  Thank you to all the people that gave of their time to help us make it such a huge success.

It’s May already, the last four months have flown by so quickly I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath. It was hectic to say the least and I can’t remember when I’ve been as busy other than when my boys were young and I was racing from work to hockey arenas to get them to their games on time.  However,  may is another busy month as I have yet more events to attend.   Before I share a few pics with you leading up to the Red Carpet Gala, I would be remiss if I didn’t share a pic of the two M’s in OHMJAM who competed at the Australian Taekwondo Nationals last month and walked away with a number of medals.  So proud of them, not only are they smart and beautiful, just add courageous to the mix.  Call me proud.

The M's in OHMJAM winning more gold and silver medals at the Australian Nationals in Taekowndo
The M’s in OHMJAM winning more gold and silver medals at the Australian Nationals in Taekowndo

Here are just a few photos leading up to the Red Carpet Gala.


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